Beauty Tip: Between Spa Treatments? Do It At Home

What better way to vege out and save than to have your spa treatment in the comfort of your home. Throw out those cardigans and let your shoulders feel the warm sun. The chilly holiday months usually leave skin dry and dull so best to head to the spa and …

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Beauty Tip: Dark Underarms? Ballers Hate That – Try This:

Always wondered why the stars have smooth even tone underarms? Try this: The Dark Side Brown is beautiful, but when your underarms are browner than the rest of your skin, then you may have a problem… There are many reasons why your underarms get dark, but for every reason, there …

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Should You Give Up On Your Baller?

You both talked, kicked it, have been in touch, even spent a night together, but you can’t quite pin him down. He’s always promising to call you back, but never does. He doesn’t call often. He likes to text mostly. When he does, it’s steamy. He gets you riled up …

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Not Exotic but Erotic – Elke aka “The Stallion”

Elke aka “The Stallion” is one of the most talked about Urban music video model on the net, eye candy, curvy, thick, erotic, build like a stallion. This site is the site where you want to be, if you love sex, thick thighs, big, solid, round booties, 36/27/44, the perfect …

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Getting Married – Baller Style

When Marcus Trufant of the Seattle Seahawks signed his lucrative 6 year contract worth $50.2 million dollars, with $20M guaranteed, I knew his then fiance, Jessica Rankin was too happy!! From the looks of this wedding, he paid dearly, but not enough to break the bank. More than 600 family …

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This e-mail has been circling around and we decided to post it. Author Unknown Athlete: Michael Strahan Position: New York Giants defensive lineman Drama: Mama cleaned him out This Dish: Ex-wives don’t get mad, they go to court. In one bitter divorce battle, Strahan’s wholesome reputation was hit hard by …

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