Baller Behind The Scene – Kedar Massenburg – From Music To Wine

Kedar Massenburg, President and CEO, Kedar Entertainment Flashback. 1995. The music industry was flat. Carbon copy artists were churning out formulaic hits. Behind the scenes, a visionary, a street-wise lawyer, Kedar Massenburg was orchestrating a movement. He signed two unknown acts to his new label, Kedar Entertainment. Erykah Badu and …

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Show Your Baller A Great Time – Return the Favors

You have met a baller, and he has wined and dined you to your heart’s content. Now it’s time to show him a great time without trying to compete with his wallet. 1. Go to Marshalls or T.J. Maxx and buy him a bottle of cologne and a pair of …

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Your Girl Friends Are the Enemy!

Bonjour, Im blogging from Paris on a little “business”. So please forgive the typos because their keyboards here are crazy! So, before I get into it this may offend several females; others will know what i mean: Im gonna start with the basics: THE ALPHA FEMALE. Like the male, the …

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Beauty Tip – Between Eyebrow Waxing? Try This

First of all the best time to get working on them brows is when your pores are fresh and open, which is after you have washed your face and your face has been wet for a few minutes or when you have just come out the shower. Now even though …

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Your Baller is Tense – How To Give Him A Great Massage

You have to set the mood. Many would agree that both getting and recieving a sexy, sensual, relaxing massage is an important part of any sexual relationship. It can be used for seduction, or for simply spicing up the bedroom action. Everybody needs a good massage! A great massage is …

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