What Happened To Ki Toy?

Ki Toy “The Body”, Johnson, as she is known, was born in Peoria Illinois. An astute business owner of Destiny’s Child Inc., an agency that supports individuals who are mentally challenged and disabled. Ki had a tremendous passion for the Arts while in grade school in Illinois she attended Washington …

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Don’t Ever Say These Things To Your Baller In Bed!

[1] Your penis is too small Even if it is true, don’t even joke about it or make insinuations. He is going to end the relationship as his ego has been badly wound. If he doesn’t do that immediately, he is going to trust you like a fox. He would …

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Learn How To Tell if Your Baller Is Cheating!

Late night phone conversations snagged the beginning of that thing called love. His kisses sent chills down your spine and everything that came out of his mouth made you laugh. This Is It! The love of your life, your soul mate; the man you can see yourself waking up to …

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Make Love To Your Baller! There is a Difference!

Making love is completely different from having sex, in order to make love you must really care about your baller, you must be thinking about him just as much as you are thinking about your self, the common idea of making love is a romantic dinner followed by a candle …

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You Are Not A Baller But Your Sex Is Great! Would You Be My Buddy?

Find a Fuck Buddy A fuck buddy is casual relationship which involves a physical and emotional relationship between two people who engage in uncommitted sex acts. Usually a fuck buddy is not intended as a romantic relationship. It is also not always synonymous with ‘casual sex’, though. Description The intent …

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