What You Should REALLY Be Doing This Weekend—5 Things

I don’t expect everyone to agree with me but there is an open secret that celebrities do not party on Fri, Saturday with the regular people, at least not locally. If they do, it’s a walk-through, and their on their way to the VIP exclusive event that nobody (but perhaps, …

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New York based non-profit The Book Bank Foundation is kicking off its 1st Annual Community Tour, featuring Queens, New York rapper Tony Yayo. Yayo will join Book Bank founder Glenn Toby from March 10-15th in New York City promoting literacy while visiting various schools and homeless shelters. The Book Bank …

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Henry Polanco, a New York native, pursued his Education by attending New York City Technical CUNY. While attending college and working in various retail stores (Jimmy Jazz, Armani Exchange, Victoria Secret, Gucci & Kenneth Cole)and participating in various industry events, Henry realized that he wanted to use his skill set …

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The Game done changed

Let me tell yall how the game done changed…..I may be alittle bit older than some of you on here but you would never be able to tell by looking at me. I read and look at what these yound ladies refer to as baller nowadays and I chuckle. Yes …

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Do NOT Be Mad @ Me!

Don’t be mad at me because I don’t work and have a nice ass 2 bedroom condo that overlooks South Beach in the art deco district. Don’t be mad at me because I drive a 2008 LUXURY car (just purchased 3 weeks ago). Don’t be mad at me because I …

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What to do when he calls—10 Things Okay. This is where the hard part and MONEY comes in. Most of the tips are geared towards investment bankers, managing directors, hedge fund this or that. They have their own tastes. It takes time to look, feel, and smell good consistently. I …

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