Week 15: How Can Your Team Clinch a Spot in the 2017 Playoffs?

As we near the end of regular season, NFL teams fight to the finish, trying to clinch their spots in the playoffs. Obviously if the playoffs started today, the Dallas Cowboys would be the top seed with a first round bye.  Alongside them would-be second seed, Detroit Lions. As for …

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Suspects In Shooting Death Of Tyson Gay’s Daughter Indicted

A grand jury has indicted the suspects accused of shooting Trinity Gay, the 15 year old daughter of Olympic track star Tyson Gay.   38 year old Chazerae M. Taylor has been indicted on one count of  wanton murder and four counts of wanton endangerment after Lexington, KY police say he played …

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Birdman Plans Cash Money Tour Without Lil Wayne

Birdman is determined to have Cash Money take over for the 17 and 2018, so he’s planning a reunion tour. He’s so confident in this tour that he believes he will make more money than Diddy’s Bad Boy Reunion, with or without the help of Lil Wayne.   The Cash Money …

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Trumps Throw Thank You Fundraiser For Hunters & Hillbillies

Donald Trump is expressing gratitude towards those that put him in office by hosting a thank you party. A day after the inauguration, Trump’s sons will be hosting a fundraiser the celebrating hunters, shooters and fishermen that hoisted him into the White House.   The “Opening Day” party will be held at the Walter …

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Trump Dissing Vanity Fair Caused The Magazine To Do Record Numbers

Donald Trump’s Twitter rant against Vanity Fair may have had a reverse effect on the magazine.   On December 14, Vanity Fair wrote a scathing review of Donald Trump’s “Trump Grill,” calling it the “worst restaurant in America.”  The restaurant’s review criticized everything from the decor to menu. “The restaurant …

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Lamar Odom Talks Overdosing In Nevada Brothel

Before checking himself into rehab last week, Lamar Odom sat down with daytime talk show “The Doctors” to open up about everything from his overdose to his “demons.”   “There are reports that you’ve still been using substances—is that true or false?” Odom is asked as he remains silent.   “I wasn’t …

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Ballerific Foot Werk: Christian Louboutin Miss Roma Block Heels

block heels

Ballerific Foot Werk is more than just rocking designer brands, it’s about showcasing some of the most unique, hot, and chic foot werk for the stylish and super fashionable. When it comes to style, it is about being able to stand out from the rest while adding at hint of “umph’ …

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President Obama Promises to Retaliate Against Russia for Election Hack


Earlier this week, the CIA confirmed that Russia rigged the presidential election in Donald Trump’s favor. As a result, President Barack Obama has vowed to take action against the foreign government for their interference in this year’s election. “I think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to …

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