Shaquille O’Neal to Run for Sheriff in 2020


In retirement, many use their newfound free time to accomplish things that their career never allowed the time for. Others follow their dreams and pursue alternative options. Former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal is leaning towards the latter, as he has announced that he is planning to run for Sheriff in …

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Is Paris Jackson the New Face of Calvin Klein?

-blogged by @miss_binky Growing up as the daughter of the King of Pop, Paris Jackson spent most of her childhood shielded from the spotlight. Today, she’s emerging as one of Hollywood’s newest it-girls. The 19-year-old was just cast in her first feature film, shot the cover of Vogue Australia, and …

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Colombian Woman Swallows $7000 To Hide It From Her Husband

-blogged by @miss_binky In what doctors called an “act of desperation,” a 30-year-old Colombian woman swallowed $7000 in American $100 bills – all to keep the money away from her husband.   Apparently,  the woman obtained the funds by selling a bunch of electronics from their house and had been …

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