Marriage Isn’t On Everyone’s Mind So Stop Forcing It

For some reason there’s this notion that everyone wants to get married or should get married, especially if the couple have been together for a long time. Many of us have come from a two parent household and it’s been instilled in you that you should get married first, then …

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South Carolina Deputy Saves Baby’s Life During Traffic Stop

Berkeley County Sheriff’s Deputy William Kimbro was on routine patrol when he ended up pursuing a speeding vehicle, not knowing there was a 12-day old baby inside struggling to breathe…and he would be the one to save her life. Body cam footage shows Deputy Kimbro holding the child in his …

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DMX Cleared By The Feds In Valet Corvette Case

DMX New Movie

Feds have cleared DMX in a valet case where he and his entourage mistakenly drove away from a restaurant in someone else’s Corvette. According to TMZ, DMX and his crew left a Los Angeles restaurant in another diner’s car following a mix-up with valet, and the car was reported stolen. …

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