10 Of The Most Memorable Moments In Black TV History

Millennials grew up during a time when video games and internet were barely a “thing” and you were the shit just for having basic cable with channels like ABC, UPN, BET. The show selection for black kids and families were abundant, bringing families in the same room even if for …

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WTFashion: Balenciaga’s Blue Floral Blanket XL Leather Tote Bag

Many designers have been receiving a lot of backlash for their lack of creativity when it comes to fashion. And in some cases it’s warranted because some designers are getting carried away with the overpriced and poorly designed pieces. In today’s WTFashion, Balenciaga released a leather tote bag that resembles …

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Famous Drug Kingpin Frank Lucas Dies At 88

Frank Lucas Dies

Frank Lucas, one of America’s most infamous drug kingpins, has passed away in New Jersey with confirmation from his brother. If you’re unfamiliar, Lucas was famously portrayed by Denzel Washington in the 2007 movie “American Gangster.” Lucas was born and raised in North Carolina before moving to New York City, …

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JK Rowling To Release More “Harry Potter” Stories Next Month

JK Rowling to release more books

Author JK Rowling announced on Thursday that she would be releasing four brand new Harry Potter Stories in the beloved series.  According to the NY Post, the stories will be published as e-books and will be available for purchase for $2.99 through Pottermore- Rowling’s own e-commerce and digital publishing website. …

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