Kim Kardashian Plans To Devote Her Life To Helping Kanye

According to TMZ, despite still being an emotional wreck over her robbery in Paris, Kim Kardashian is devoting her life to doing everything she can to help her husband with his problems.   Following Kanye West’s meltdown last week, Kim K has made him her first priority. According to TMZ, Kim …

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Baller Alert’s Shopping Guide: 2016 Cyber Monday Deals

2016 Cyber Monday

Can you believe Christmas is four weeks away? To prepare for the holidays, we have a list of some of your favorite stores that are having amazing 2016 Cyber Monday Deals. With all the craziness of shopping at the mall, you don’t have to even worry about crowds. If you didn’t …

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Son Confronts His Father Who Injected Him With HIV As An Infant


“Badger” Jackson was just 11-months old when his biological father, Brian Stewart, injected him with a vial of HIV infected blood. Stewart, a phlebotomist and violent man, had threatened the child’s mother before, even going as far to stick his hand in his then- pregnant girlfriend, Jennifer Jackson’s, vagina stating “he …

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Is Crystal Renay Still Throwing Shade At Monyetta Shaw?

Just when you think Crystal Renay and Monyetta Shaw have put all the drama behind them, it appears there’s still a little animosity lingering.   According to our friends over at Rhymes With Snitch, it all started last week when Monyetta posted a photo of some of her pals at an American …

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Do You Suffer From R.B.F (Resting B*tch Face)?

– blogged by: @milagreee Resting Bitch Face is a habit some of us suffer from. Most of us adapt it to ward off “predators”, the kind who seem to cat call and make noises as if you are some type of animal, and then cant seem to get rid of …

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Andy Cohen On How Kelly Ripa Helped Him Diagnose His Cancer

Andy Cohen owes his life to Kelly Ripa after a push from her led him to discover he had skin cancer.   Cohen opened up about his diagnosis while co-hosting “Live with Kelly” on Friday.   “You and I were at a party for Anderson’s [Cooper] mom in April, and you said, …

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BallerAlert Binge: When Netflix and Chill Means Netflix and Chill


Cuffing Season is upon us! As the temperature begins to drop, the extended deadline to submit new bae applications is rapidly approaching. While most dedicated cuffing season participants have already chosen their starting five for the fall, others are still sifting through applications, trying to find the perfect person to Netflix …

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Beyonce & Jay Z Aren’t Too Big To Be Active Parents

Often, when it comes to celebrity parents, we tend to believe that the Nanny does most of the work. Whether it’s cooking, cleaning or homework, television and movies have lead us to believe that hands on parenting is not a huge priority for the upper class. However, when it comes …

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