Indianapolis Children’s Museum Removes Michael Jackson Memorabilia

Michael Jackson Stuff Removed

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is making their move amid controversy over HBO’s ”Leaving Neverland.” The museum once held a staple portion dedicated to the King Pop. Now, after the controversial documentary and Oprah’s interview with his alleged sexual assault victims, the facility has decided to change directions.  The Power …

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Adrien Broner’s Sexual and Simple Battery Charges Dropped

ADrien Broner Off The Hook

Adrien Broner is officially off the hook in his sexual and simple battery case, which stemmed from an alleged groping incident in Atlanta.  Back in February of 2018, the 29-year-old boxer was arrested inside Lenox Mall after a woman told police Broner had “inappropriately groped her” in front of a …

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R. Kelly Denies Having Sex With Aaliyah’s Mom

R. Kelly

R. Kelly is tired of the constant attempts to smear what’s left of his name. The embattled singer is calling rumors that he slept with Diane Haughton, Aaliyah’s mother -total BS.  Kelly is reacting to the shocking claims made by Lisa Van Allen, one of Kelly’s accusers who appeared in …

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