Former White House Director Says Donald Trump Is “Losing It Mentally”

Anthony Scaramucci Talks Trump's Mental

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci told Vanity Fair Donald Trump is “worse than racist” and said he believes Trump to be experiencing mental decline. “I think the guy is losing it, mentally,” Scaramucci told the publication. “He has declining mental faculties; he’s becoming more petulant; he’s becoming more …

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Autopsy Confirms Jeffrey Epstein’s Death A Suicide By Hanging

Jeffrey Epstein Died By Hanging

 – Written by @DanielleBTV  Jeffrey Epstein’s prison death has been ruled a suicide by hanging, according to the New York medical examiner’s office on Friday. Epstein, 66, who was charged with sexually abusing a number of underaged girls over several years, had been placed on suicide watch last month after …

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Feds Reveal R. Kelly’s Medical Records Show He Has An STD

R Kelly Has an STD

The U.S. Attorney’s office revealed that it has R. Kelly’s urgent care records and drugstore receipts as evidence in an effort to prove that the singer knowingly exposed women to an incurable STD.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Prosecutors initially tried to persuade a judge to keep the “sensitive information” sealed in order to speed …

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Jay-Z And Will Smith Team Up On New App “Hipcamp”

Jay-Z and Will Smith

Jay-Z and Will Smith will be teaming up to produce a new Airbnb camping app called #Hipcamp. The new company announced it had accepted $25 million in its latest round of investment, which is reportedly from JAY-Z’s Marcy Venture Partners and Will Smith’s Dreamers VC fund. Marcy Venture Partners is …

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Uber Is Finally Offering Uber Pool Without All The Stops

Uber pool

For UberX riders who are willing to ride with others, there’s some ride-sharing credits up for grabs. Uber is encouraging more shared rides on the app by offering the option of switching your request for a solo UberX ride, starting Thursday in 16 cities throughout the U.S.  According to Mashable, …

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Kevin Hart Set To Star in Superhero Comedy Film ’Night Wolf’

Kevin Hart New Film

Written by @saywooord Kevin Hart landed a new starring role in STXFilms superhero comedy “Night Wolf.” Hart will play an everyday man meeting his future in-laws with a twist, discovering his father in-law’s alter ego is a superhero known as Night Wolf. “After we acquired Night Wolf, we submitted it …

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