IHOP Flips “P” to “b” to for its New Line of Burgers

After #IHOP announced it would be flipping its “P” to a “b” we all started to guess what the mysterious letter would stand for. Well, the wait is over. The International House of Pancakes will now be the International House of Burgers.  The big news was announced Monday, but the …

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Lets Talk: How Do I Handle Being Married To A Pathological Liar?

Pathological Liar

Ideally, a marriage should be built on trust, respect, and honesty. Going into a marriage hiding important things from your partner could later destroy your relationship.   It’s one thing to lie about the small stuff but to continuously lie about everything you do isn’t a healthy relationship and will …

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Pusha T Refuses To Accept Drake’s Blackface Photo Explanation: “I Just Know That Me Being A Black Man, That’s Something I’m Totally Against”

After the longstanding rap beef battle between Pusha T and Drake, the feud has officially come to an end. However, with J. Prince’s recent revelation about a “career-ending” diss track and Pusha’s concerns about Drake’s controversial blackface photo, the drama between the two is far from over.  In fact, in …

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