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19-Year-Old Claims Kansas City Chiefs’ Kareem Hunt Assaulted Her, But Witnesses Say Otherwise

Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt has found himself in the middle of a criminal investigation after a woman accused him of physically assaulting her.

According to reports, the incident occurred at The Metropolitan at the 9 in downtown Cleveland. In the police report, 19-year-old Abigail Ottinger said Hunt attacked her around 3:45 a.m. Saturday outside the baller’s hotel apartment.  However, another woman in the area claimed Ottinger was the assailant and she was the victim.

Now, both Hunt and Ottinger have been listed as suspects in two separate incident reports.


In Ottinger’s story, she says she was bar hopping by bus with Hunt, her friend and his friends. According to the police report, Ottinger, who is said to be a Kent University student, said the group went back to Hunt’s place after their night.



While Hunt’s friend said the group kicked Ottinger out after finding out she was only 19, the teen claimed she was tossed because she ”didn’t want” one of the guys in the group. However, Hunt’s friend said the girl fired off a slew of racial slurs upon her exit. But, he still reportedly gave the girl $20 bucks to make it back to the University, as Hunt went to bed.



Despite Ottinger’s claim, her friend also said she got a little rowdy before they left. While, another woman in Hunt’s group said Ottinger slapped her as she escorted them out. However, Ottinger told a different story.



According to the alleged victim, Hunt came out of his apartment and “shoved and pushed her.” Amid the commotion, hotel security was called and the girls were escorted out before the police came.



Both parties provided their statements, with Hunt maintaining that he went to bed before the melee. Officials have not charged Hunt with any criminal charges.

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