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25 Ways That A Potential Girlfriend Exes Herself Out the Game

Sorry fellas we are not trying to break the manlaw code by giving away any of our secrets but the truth has to be heard so we are shedding some light for the many women that seem to believe “there are no good men”, but are really just chicks that messed up the chances they had w/good men. Ladies this was written by Good Men so it was written for you to learn what we like. All of the things that are listed below are real life experiences that motivated us to create this list. It is not to dog anyone in the past out, in fact the names have been changed to protect the innocent, but if it touches a nerve don’t take it personal, you could possibly learn from it. This is meant to be funny and informative @ the same time.

1. When u have previously had sex w/2 guys in the same night (or day)…per 24 hour period. – U ARE EXED OUT THE GAME.

2. Those 2 guys were my friends. LOL. – U ARE EXED OUT THE GAME

3. U track ME down, ask ME to call, and when I do You are busy. – U ARE EXED OUT THE GAME

4. When you meet a girl and she says “Ain’t no good dudes out there.” That’s not true if you are talking TO ME… just ain’t no good dudes chose your ass. – U ARE EXED OUT THE GAME

5. If you cheated on your boyfriend w/me…then broke up w/him b/c u wanted me to be your boyfriend…Fuck no. (how do I know you won’t do the same to me).- U ARE EXED OUT THE GAME.

6. No Oral Sex… Its 2009 … Shit we got a Black President, and u still can’t do that… NO Bueno. (Don’t be mad, you said you like the truth.)- U ARE EXED OUT THE GAME and u suck, cause you don’t.

7. Texting back to back to back w/in an hour when I haven’t responded to your initial text. Has it ever occurred to you that I might be in a meeting or could be doing something important, if I like you I’m definitely going to get back to you. Be confident if not – U ARE EXED OUT THE GAME

8. If you are a bopper, by bopper I mean, you narrowly tailor your possibilities down to a certain type of man (i.e. professionals, athletes, thugs, frats, entertainers) and predetermine that other guys aren’t on your level… who the fuck are you- U ARE EXED OUT THE GAME

9. If you have “Money Make Me Cum” by Rick Ross as a Ringtone- U ARE EXED OUT THE GAME

10. If you would like to be catered to, but do not feel the need to also cater to me.- U ARE EXED OUT THE GAME

11. FLAKERS!!! Don’t tell a Nigga you gonna be somewhere you know you are not going to be, and don’t change your mind and not notify me that you did… If you do you are immediately exed out the game with no exceptions, how do you know I didn’t take my sex medicine in anticipation of your arrival. Now I’m running around my neighborhood trying to sweat this hard on off because you Flaked!

12. If YOU “don’t fuck with females” because you don’t get along with girls … and “all you really hang out with is dudes”… I’ll be your friend too, but – YOUR ASS IS EXED OUT THE GAME… see u next Super Bowl u bring the beer.

13. If I smell Fish and we didn’t eat Seafood- You Are Exed out the Game. P.S. shave your legs too. Real Talk.

14. If you are Republican…I mean like Rush Limbaugh Republican. If you DIDN’T VOTE, or DIDN’T VOTE for BARACK….. – YOU ARE EXED OUT THE GAME and your Blackhood has been Revoked…Gucci!

15. If I tried to Holla at you and You weren’t feeling me in the Club, But were feeling me when we got outside and You saw the Mercedes w/me in it- You are Exed out the Game and You can’t ride… in the Mercedes that is, haha!

16. If in our first conversation I already know what COLORS YOUR WEDDING IS GOING TO BE- U ARE EXED OUT THE GAME and Congratulations on Your Marriage.

17. If your ass is a Robocop, If you could possibly be an FBI agent based on your own personal tactics, connections, abilities, or accomplishments AKA you went or have the capability of going Jazmine Sullivan on a Nigga- You are exed out the game.

18. If you come to my house unannounced- You are exed out game; however if you come by my house unannounced with only a trenchcoat on and nothing else this will DEFINITELY MITIGATE your POSSIBLE EXING and I’ll be willing to Hear your argument. Its not about me trying to cheat, its about you respecting my space as I would yours.

19. If your only aspiration in life is finding ME AKA “A GOOD MAN”, then YOU ARE EXED OUT THE GAME.

20. If the Highest Being You Praise is Yourself or Louis Vuitton- You are Exed out the Game and May God have mercy on your soul.

21. It may sound shallow, but If you are not cute enough… -You are exed out the game. (You say you want the truth).

22. If you lack creativity, spontaneity, enthusiasm, motivation, or desire in the Bedroom (i.e. you just lay yo simple ass there)- You are exed out the Game, don’t come back, Do not pass go, do not collect $200 and also refer to number #6 … GUCCI.

23. If you go abstinent in the middle of our sexually active relationship, if you acted a certain way 2 months ago and have totally changed 2 months later, or if you hold back sexual urges with me that you would not NORMALLY hold back simply because “you like me and don’t wanna mess stuff up.” If u have freak-like tendencies don’t suppress them with me.- You are exed out the Game. Nobody likes a flip-flopper.

24. If you request that I DON’T use a RUBBER- YOU ARE SERIOUSLY EXED OUT THE GAME… Something tells me I’m not the first Nigga you’ve liked that much….Gucci! and refer back to the last sentence in number 20.

25. If we have ever dated the same girl or If u get more pussy than I do LOL!- U ARE EXED OUT THE GAME!

Bonus ROUND: We thought long and hard about this one before we decided to post it but it must be said… We must apologize in advance fellas but it must be known: “If you have sex on the first night… U ARE EXED OUT THE GAME… If you don’t have sex on the second night … U ARE EXED OUT THE GAME J/k… If you don’t have sex on the third night… U ARE EXED OUT THE GAME and I’m not fucking kidding anymore… GUCCI! Again Don’t Take it Personally but if you did then now you have an idea of why U WERE EXED OUT THE GAME. 2009=The Year of Change.

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