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3 Days Before Christmas My Baby Asked Me To Drop My Male Friends For Him

Relationships are built on trust and communication. When you lack the two in a relationship, that makes it hard to move forward. You have to trust your mate, especially if you are planning to be together in the long run.

Many of us enter relationships with friends of the opposite sex and for some reason, it seems to bother bae. Not all men are bothered by their girl having male friends, but you have some that are insecure when it comes to it. You have some men that think that men and women cannot be friends and that’s far from the truth.

If a relationship is built on trust, then why is it hard to believe your girl is just friends with a person of the opposite sex? In most cases, the two of them were friends before the two of you even became an item. There’s no need for Insecurities, especially if your girl hasn’t given you the vibe that there’s something more than strictly friendship.

Due to your man’s insecurities, he rather you end the friendship if you want to continue the relationship. Dropping your male friends is not only unfair but it’s irrational. Rather than them assuming that something is going on between you and your male friend, they should try to get to know them. Who’s to say that they won’t hit off?

Men have to trust that their girl is honest and faithful to their relationship and vice versa. Without trust and communication, your relationship will not progress.

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