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5 Baby Products That Will Rock Your Beauty Routine

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There are lots of myths about whether baby products are really better for your skin due to how gentle they are.  Babies are different on a lot of levels of hygiene, abilities, etc so I wouldn’t say a full baby product regimen is the day to go.  Yet, there are some products that you would be surprised might save you from a beauty fiasco one day.
⁃Diaper Rash Cream
We know this seems weird, but it makes for a really good face mask when you are having breakouts resulting in redness and dry skin patches on your face.
⁃Aveeno’s Eczema Bath Treatment
If you are ever having a breakout or rash of any kind all over your body, mixing some of this with a little bit of water, applying, and waiting 10-15 minutes will make a significant difference.
This includes sunburn as well!!
If you want this same look, but at a cheaper rate, order ground colloidal oatmeal, it is the most active ingredient in the treatment and is very soothing for your skin.
⁃Nipple Cream
Just when you though the diaper rash cream was a bit far fetched. Bear with me though.  Before you to go to sleep at night, apply a good amount to your lips and skin around your lips.  The next morning when you away, wipe off the dead skin and wallah! Overnight soft lip treatment.
⁃Baby Lotions/ Washes
This one is a no brainer.  WE all love to use the famous Johnson and Johnson products that we have been familiar with since we were younger.
Baby wash does wonders for a face, but isn’t quite strong enough for a human body in my opinion.
While the lotions and gels all make the body feel like smooth silk.
⁃Baby Oil
Of course using Oil for moisturizing your body is a great way to use it but the other use is for makeup removal.  When you have that stubborn waterproof mascara or lash strip that refuses to budge, take a q-tip and swab some oil near the area and watch it dissolve instantly!
The winter is coming to its ending and we all need to be sleek and subtle for those spring break beach runs!!  Time to get right.
Have you used any of the tips we mentioned above or have any of your own?  Drop them in the comments below.

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