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5 Perfect Christmas Gifts To Keep Your Side Dude Happy!

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We often hear about women and the woes that come along with being a side chick but we rarely hear about the guys that fill the same position. Contrary to popular belief, there are a lot of dudes that are bed warmers, and they’re completely okay with it.


Having a side dude can become a headache, so playing into his interests during the holiday season can leave him content and keep you out of the doghouse. While you’ll be pouring most of your energy and resources into your little family, he’ll be satisfied with the small token of affection that you showed him.

Here are five Christmas gifts to keep your side dude busy while you’re occupied during the holidays.


  1. A stack for the strip club– While many may see this as childish, others may consider giving their side dude a few dollars to play with his favorite local dancers a break. What better way to get him out of your hair,  then to send him to play in someone else’s.


  1. Tickets to a basketball game– It’s basketball season and those private suites don’t come cheap. Getting him a pair of tickets to an NBA game will take his mind off of you and allow him  to watch his favorite team ball out.


  1. Netflix & chill bundle– Since his cable is always acting up and he doesn’t have fire stick, go ahead and create him an account on your dime. It won’t cost you much of anything, and you can indulge when you go to his house for a quickie!


  1. PlayStation 4– If he’s a gamer, this will occupy his time. A trip to your local Game Stop or Best Buy will come in handy down the road, so keep him with the latest version.


  1. A local getaway with his boys– What better way to say “go enjoy your life” than to get him a round trip ticket as far away from you as possible. I mean, traveling during the holidays has its perks, and you won’t have to deal with him.


Bonus Gift:  If your side dude has been extra attentive this year, throw a pair of Jordans in the cart. Side dude’s love Jordans!

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