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Ballerific Health: 5 Ways to Give Your Favorite Foods A Healthy Twist

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With the new year here, everyone has resolutions about not just losing weight but eating healthier. Here are some ways you can change dishes in your normal diet to make them better for you.


1. Adding Onions to a dish always adds flavor. Instead of adding a bunch of seasoning salts and oils to sauté them, use an organic margarine
and add an herb like thyme or parsley to add some color and some spice.
2. If you are one of those people that add sugar to everything before you eat it. This tip is for you. Instead of adding those fatty substances to cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, and/or fruit, try cinnamon first! It is still light and airy in consistency and can help kick your fix for something extremely sweet.
3. Instead of chips and dips, snack on pita and hummus. There are some that feel like hummus is nasty, but you can always add some pizazz with Tahini and lemon juice. If you’re feeling really spicy, you could also throw in some veggies and make it a side dish.

4. Everyone loves strawberries and sugar! Piggybacking on tip #2, instead of dousing your strawberries in sugar, add a different twist by sprinkling some balsamic vinegar and black pepper on your fruit. It may not be for everyone, but for those who love it it is a perfect way to save some calories!
5. For those salad lovers out there, we have a great and healthy alternative to salad dressing. To avoid ranch, vinegarette, etc., all of which have so much saturated fat and other acidic ingredients, here’s a different twist to spice up your salads. Take some olive oil, add oregano, apple cider vinegar, and some garlic, and now you have a nice fat free dressing for salad or any other delicacy.
Try some of these recipes and let us know how you like them. Are there any quick healthy fixes that you use daily?

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