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5 Ways Women Can Take Control In The Bedroom

When it comes to sex, there are many women who are afraid to take control. They are so use to a man taking lead that they forget that a man loves sitting back and watching her show off her moves.

It seems that some women are afraid to take lead because they either don’t know how or they are too shy. Well, I’m here to tell you that you need to get it together and show your man what you’re working with.

To assist the ladies, we came up with 5 Ways to take control in the bedroom  in no particular order.


Set the Mood 

When your man has had a long day at work, welcome him with a romantic dinner, his favorite drink, and the tub already filled. Show him that he’s appreciated, especially after a hard day.

As he gets out of the tub, dry him off and lead him straight to the bedroom. Which leads to….


Give Head 

A man loves when a woman can give him head first without being asked to. Some of you may say, “This is obvious.” But you have to remember there are some women who don’t like giving head. I’m here to say that if he’s your man, then what’s the problem. Grab it and take control. Go ahead and show him what that mouth do.


Ride It 

After you have given him the best head, now it’s time for you to ride. Stop being lazy and get off your back. There are some men who are tired of always flipping you over, bending you over, and picking you up. They want you to take charge and show him how those hips move. If you suck at riding, have some music playing and ride to the beat. Can’t go wrong there!


Role Play

Role play can be a lot of fun. Think of it as your alter ego. If you’ve never done it with your mate, then he’ll definitely enjoy. This is the time to be someone else in the bedroom, which should help with your nerves. Pull out the handcuffs, body oils, and toys. Let the fun begin!


Tell Him What To Do

A man loves when a woman takes charge. Taking charge means giving him orders and telling him what you want done. From how to stroke, to choking, pulling hair, smacking your a$$, and etc, whatever you are in to, let him know. How can he please you if you don’t tell him what you like? Remember, closed mouths don’t get fed!


Ladies, there is nothing wrong with taking control with your man. No one likes boring sex, so spice it up every now and then.


How do you take control in the bedroom?

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