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9 Reasons To Skip The Singles Table This Thanksgiving Day


This year, you may want to skip the singles’ table.

This special post right here is dedicated exclusively to the ladies and gents spending their holiday alone. You can be alone for a number of reasons: recent divorce/breakup, recent argument with beau, no money, have to work, or you are just single and have no significant other right now. But what about those singles who have family, have friends, and have the time, but still choose to celebrate alone? Can you still do that and be okay? Maybe you just want to see how it is to be alone on a holiday, something you never have before.

When we want change in our lives, we have to feel the pain of staying the same. We have to learn to cultivate solitude in a way that generates more positive energy around us instead of forcing down how we really feel to make others happy. This only keeps you in a rut. We can be so attached to our families and their needs that we act like the 6 or 10 year old in us. We “have to go” to the family dinner. As an adult, you can now choose to do something different that is more in line with your future goals and current needs.

If you are alone this holiday, please do not stress. Do not feel the need to defend why you want to be alone. It could be that you just don’t want to be bothered with the fake smiles you muster up to show everyone things are so great in your life. Maybe you just want a break on a day where you can be yourself and be left alone. If someone doesn’t share your same view, that is their problem to work out. Single people have a right to be selfish on the holidays 🙂 This too shall pass. Below is a list of things you should do to make your thanksgiving day the way you want to make it, on your own terms, while remaining ever grateful and thankful for your blessings.

1. Movies, movies, movies. Make sure you paid the cable so you can order some On-Demand flicks. Something funny and lighthearted usually does the trick. Try to get in 2-3 or at least one.

2. Indulge in one of your favorite hi-calorie treats. You have permission today. You may bake some cookies for instance. Have fun with it and it makes the house smell good.

3. Get started on a project, whether it’s an organizing project at home, listing goals in your journal, writing that book chapter, or sorting the pile up of mail. It will make you feel productive.

4. Stay off the Internet. Do not go online to Facebook or any other social networking site. All the cheers about the holiday are going to annoy you. Remember this is about your solitude today, not making yourself feel bad.

5. Get a pile of books together you have been meaning to read or finish. Make sure there are books you enjoy. This is supposed to be relaxing so please put away the GMAT books.

6. If you have neighbors, offer to babysit their dogs or walk them on Thanksgiving. You must like dogs. You don’t want to get rid of one stress to add another.

7. Indulge yourself whether it is with a glass of champagne, a nice bath, a foot massage or just an afternoon nap. Do something that makes you feel pampered. Men, you may want to clip those toenails today.

8. Do a “thankful” ritual. Like praying or giving thanks in a special way. You may light a candle, burn incense or whatever you like.

9. Go to Boston Market and get the thanksgiving day dinner or order from your favorite restaurant. If all else fails, buy a box of Velveeta or Kraft. A bowl of macaroni and cheese is the ultimate comfort food.

If anyone has any other tips, please add. Being alone for the holidays hurts especially if it is out of control and you really want to be with someone. Well, in order to change tomorrow you have to accept the rawness of how it feels to be unpartnered. If you don’t, you’ll just attract a man who is emotionally unavailable, because you are unavailable to yourself. In the meantime, celebrate on your own terms, but to give an iota of love to others during the holidays, you have to have some in your own life.

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