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The Act Of Jealousy Is Just That- An Act


Sometimes we get caught up with people’s shenanigans that we neglect to see the obvious. We date guys who barely do the bare minimum. They aren’t fully committed, yet we find their jealousy act to be cute or an extension of his true deeper feelings for us. Nah sis, it’s just an act.

That fairytale your single homegirl sold you should be returned. Just because he acts jealous doesn’t mean he loves or wants more from you. He just doesn’t want you doing what you do for him for the next dude.

If you are a loyal woman, he wants your loyalty. If you encourage or speak life into him, he wants your pouring spirit; but that doesn’t mean he wants you. He wants what you offer. Wanting you requires commitment; wanting what you offer means he does just enough to seem invested.

This way he gets his cake and ice cream too. His jealous routine makes you feel like he is so into you, yet he’s doing him when you are apart. He wants what you do for him to be exclusively for him because he knows the moment someone else comes along and they’re on their job, you will cease your interaction with him. Your attention will be devoted to the new guy.

It’s not love sis, it’s manipulation.

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