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If You Give Away The Milk Why Would He Buy The Cow? Let’s Talk: Acting like a Wife Before Marriage

Marriage is a sacred unity between two individuals. Once you are married, the “I” becomes “we.” Just about everything you do would have to be discussed with your spouse to prevent arguments or disagreements. Like they say, “Happy Wife Happy Life.”


Marriage involves a lot of trust and communication. Due to such commitments, there are some who would rather not walk down that path. Marriage isn’t for everyone and that’s totally understandable.


On the other hand, there are others who want the fairytale wedding with the fairytale life but wonder why they have yet to receive a ring.


There could be many possible reasons why he/ she hasn’t hinted towards the two of you becoming one.


One reason could be like the old folks say, “If You Give Away The Milk Why Would He Buy The Cow?” Well, what does that mean? It is basically saying that if you do everything that a spouse would do without the title, then why we would he/ she marry you.


Maybe you’ve already taken the first steps from moving in together to joint bank accounts, or in some cases having kids together, but if you are doing everything that a spouse does, why would the opposite party feel the need to move forward with the relationship. When I say move forward, I mean marriage. I have heard some say, “there is no need to put a title on the relationship when we are already doing everything a married couple would do.”


Talk to your mate and see how they feel about marriage. The conversation is needed from both parties. You want to make sure that you two are on the same page. If marriage is on your list and not theirs, then you need to discuss the next steps.


Remember communication is the key to a successful relationship.

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