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Adrien Broner Loses Weltwerweight Title, Mayweather Reacts

With all of the strippers, nude photos being leaked and $20 bills being flushed down the toilet, one could easily forget that Adrien Broner was a boxer. Over the weekend though, we reminded that the Money Team affiliate from Cincinnati was indeed a boxer and at one time he was the Welterweight Champion. Not anymore, thanks to Marcos Maidana.


Much like his mentor, Broner is cocky but was all the arrogance a bit too soon? Broner who was previously undefeated lost his first match in San Antonio, TX. Broner was knocked down twice, nearly knocked out for good in the second round and lost a unanimous decision to Maidana on Saturday night. By the end of the fight two members of his entourage had to nearly carry him away.


Memes of Broner’s defeat instantly took over social media, many mocking Broner and claiming that he shouldn’t be as arrogant as Floyd just yet.  Floyd took to Twitter to encourage is protégé to keep fighting.


“. hold your head up champ. I love you. A true champion can take a loss and bounce back, my lil brother “


Floyd spoke on the subject again while on the red carpet of his annual toy drive and celebrity basketball game.


“Adrien Broner is a true champion. I love him. I take my hat off to him,” he tells Hip Hollywood. “When you’re at the top, everybody wants to ride the wave, be by your side. But as soon as you take a loss, everybody wants to talk bad about you. It comes with the territory. When you’re competing, someone has to win, someone has to lose … I’m going to stand behind him.”


Everyone takes a loss but I would be a liar if I said that I, for one, didn’t think it was about time Broner humbled himself a little.



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