Adrien Broner Threatens Andrew Caldwell For Sliding In His DMs, Caldwell Says Broner Is Trying To Sleep With Him

Late last night, Adrien Broner took to Instagram to fire off a warning to viral sensation, Andrew Caldwell, for allegedly sliding in his dms. 

“A #AndrewCaldwell if you don’t get out my inbox before I punch the testosterone out yo GAY ASS,” Broner wrote. “These niggas bold as fuck! I guess I don’t do enough gangsta shit no more smh for respect you got to shoot a nigga get a nigga shot every week…#fuckoutofhere.”

In response to Broner’s public reaction, Caldwell blocked the boxer’s page, threatened to pull receipts and to pursue legal action. He then took to Instagram live to further address the situation. 

“He needs some attention. Chile, don’t let me call May Floydweather,” he said. “You have not won since 2017. How dare you to come in my inbox. All I said was, ‘Keep up the good work.’ Next, you know I’m getting a tag with saying, ‘Say out my inbox.’ Chile, you want me. I don’t want you. And you need to tell your fans, you are that way.” 

As he continued, he welcomed Broner to sue him but demanded receipts. 

“I got receipts. And my job is not to blast nobody or not of that. But don’t come here talking about I was trying to sleep with you. No, you trying to sleep with me. Let’s be real. I never posted anything nasty, I never came to you wrong or none of that. You can for me. You was in my inbox. How dare you go to your fans and lie and then hashtag #Andrewccaldwell.” 

As he went on, he talked about being delivert and even fired off more threats. 

“Be honest and be real before I tell the people what you really are. You better watch yourself,” he threatened. “I don’t want to ruin your reputation.”

In response, Broner took to his live to mock the entire situation, “Do I got gay tendencies or something? What the fuck? I thought he was delivert. Why would that man come at me like that?”


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