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Alabama Police Chief Says He’s “Disgusted” By Bodycam Footage Of Woman’s Arrest

Tuscaloosa Police Chief Steve Anderson Says he was “disgusted” after watching the bodycam video of 22-year-old Jhasmynn Sheppard’s arrest. 

According to CNN, the Chief said that the actions of the two officers involved violated department training throughout the video and that both are now on desk duty while disciplinary proceedings take place. 

Tuscaloosa police stopped Jhasmynn Sheppard on Friday for leaving the scene of an accident. Sheppard contends she and the other driver had already exchanged information, so she headed on her way home. 

After she was pulled over and police asked to see her license and registration, she was told to step out of the vehicle, and the officer immediately began handcuffing her. 

Sheppard said she tried to reason with the officers and attempted to pull her arm away as they were cuffing her, and that’s when the altercation went left. 

The bodycam footage shows Sheppard being thrown to the ground with officers on top of her, cursing at her and calling her names, the video even shows an officer hitting Sheppard with his baton, and at one point one of the officers threatened to kick her teeth in. 

Sheppard was arrested and charged with unarming a police officer, resisting arrest and assault. She spent two days in jail and was never offered any medical attention, even though she was bleeding from her head. 

Sheppard and her family claim that no one from the Tuscaloosa Police Department has contacted her since the arrest and that they’ve only heard from the local media that the charges against her would most likely be dropped.

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