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Alicia Keys Talks Gender Roles: “I am so annoyed at the way we force boys to be fake strong. So a boy wants to paint his nails. Who cares!”


In this day and age, societal norms and expectations have drifted from the ways of our grandparents. Gender roles have shifted and what was once unacceptable has become tolerable. There are a handful of gender roles that are still prominent today with a few exceptions and variations. However, when it comes to the expectations of society, many choose to walk to the beat of their own drum. Apparently, Alicia Keys is one of them.

In an interview with Allure, the singer/songwriter explained her take on gender roles and the societal norms. Keys discussed the inspiration behind her new album and how her issue with societal expectations was the driving force behind her new project.

“I was so sick of the way women were forced to feel inadequate in many different circumstances or forced to feel insecure by the way we we’re portrayed or the way we look,’ she said.

She continued discussing the problems with society and how we force gender roles on children. As a mother with two sons and a husband, she touched on the skewed beliefs about the behavior and emotions of men.

“I am so annoyed at the way we force boys to be fake strong – don’t cry, don’t be soft. Let a boy be able to dance!” Keys said. “Let a boy paint his nails. So a boy wants to paint his nails. Who cares! All these strange, oppressive ideas.”

“You know what would be really cool? If we stopped offering our opinions unless asked,” she continued. “If nobody asked you, keep your mouth shut! Like with the Internet? That’s just too much opinion. People are mean. It’s a sickness.”



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  1. Lol. All these people advocating for dainty men. Now when they all start sleeping with each other, and theres no hedero men available, these SAME exact people are going to be crying about not being able to find love.

    • What she means is, let people be who they are. That should have nothing to do with anyone else. Like why should anyone be confined because of what the next person thinks? Ex. If you are straight and love it. Thats your business. Keep it moving. When he becomes an adult he may not even be into that anymore anyway. Everyone is their own individual. Thats a good thing. Peace

  2. I’m sorry but if you paint yo’ nails in my house I’m stomping yo’ a$$ out and it’s gon’ be Lee Press-On’s everywhere LiL’ ni99a, it’s gon’ be just like in Moonlight when they stomped out Shyrone except it ain’t gon’ be your best friend ni99a, it’s gon’ be yo’ daddy and if you even think about picking up a chair ni99a it’s over, matter fact I ain’t gon’ have nothing bean bags in the house until you get the f#ck out.

  3. I love how people like tell us what she means…Like we can’t fucking read and know what she means…WHAT SHE MEANS IS..IF ur CHILDREN WANT TO END IT BLOODLINE…LET THEM#DROPSMIC

  4. Glad my children are grown, my boys are masculine, my girls are feminine!!! All straight!! Hooray!! ??????

  5. She needs to leave the kids out of it. Most of us are not in the same position as her to let our children be who or what they want to be. We’re still dealing with killer cops out here and just cause your son has on nail polish will not stop a bullet. Instead of trying to raise a generation of strong black men we have free thinkers like her that think it’s better to let them be them. And as we can see that’s not working so well. How about healing? No more broken homes? (like the one she broke) Teach children to have manners and be respectable. Don’t play into the stereotype roles society likes to give people. When they go the way of the Will & Jada’s kids don’t look shocked. My teen age daughter will NEVER be taking half naked pics in the bed with a grown man, ijs. Maybe she’s getting tips from Magic Johnson idk LOL

  6. Children are born to be guided. If the parents don’t guide them to what is right and what is wrong then the tv will guide them. And we all know the agenda being pushed by tv and these celebrities. Homosexuality! I guarantee you Alicia keys is probably not letting her sons paint their nails, but it is her job as a celebrity to push the agenda of the elite. It’s the same sickness that was pushed by Angelina Jolie, when she got both breast removed and her overies because cancer runs in her family. And many stupid women were removing healthy breast and getting hysterectomies. You must be out of your damn mind to follow these fools. Teach your boys to be men. It has worked for years. This new homo crap is teaching boys to be mamby pamby wimps. And that’t what the elite want. Wimps are easy to control, but strong men will stand up to these fools.

  7. Next you let him wear lipstick and wear dresses. Alicia I love you but please shut the funk up. Boys dont paint their nails. If your son wants to wear a bra are you gonna let him do that too. Please Alicia SHUT THE FUNK UP!!!!

  8. My boys aint built for that feminine stuff. I have 3 boys and when they was young they would cry about stuff which I didnt mind, but painting their nails? Hell no. You probably let your boys play with Barbie dolls and lip gloss next. Alicia Keys is gonna ALWAYS be one of my favorite entertainers but Im not feelin that nail painting at all.

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