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An Airline’s Bankruptcy Leads To Thousands Being Stranded Overseas

Thousands of travelers are now stranded after an airline canceled their flights because it went bankrupt.

Aigle Azur, a French airline, filed for bankruptcy last week, according to KTLA 5. Following its filing, an estimated 13,000 of the airline’s passengers were believed to be stranded as a result. Jean-Baptiste Djebbari, France’s secretary of state for transport, says that 11,000 of those passengers are stuck in Algeria.

In an interview with RMV, a French TV channel, Djebbari said: “There are 13,000 passengers who bought their tickets and will need to be repatriated. Among them, 11,000 are in Algeria, six in Mali, then in Lebanon, in Moscow and in Senegal.” He continued: “On Friday night, I had a meeting with all French airlines, and I asked them to play their part in the repatriation. I especially would like to thank Air France for chartering additional flights to Algeria.”

Djebbari says that it might take about three weeks for all passengers to be returned home. There are several investors interesting in buying Aigle Azur, which will be discussed in a meeting scheduled for Friday.

Aigle Azur Files Bankrupcy

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