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An Open Letter To Tommy Sotomayor

So, I was made aware that an elderly Uncle Tom Youtuber by the name of Tommy Sotomayor dedicated a 15 minute video to Baller Alert yesterday. Watch it below:






Let me begin by saying I am FLATTERED that he found our site and gave it so much of his time. I couldn’t even be angry. I actually would like to take the opportunity to give Mr. Sotomayor a bit of my time as well. For this reason, I have written him an open letter. 



Good Morning Mr. Sotomayor (or shall I say Thomas Jerome Harris), 


I hope that this open letter finds you in good health and that God has blessed you with breath this morning. As God’s child I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that we saw the video that you dedicated to Baller Alert. Although I don’t agree with the comments you made, I took the time to watch your video and give you views. I felt it was the least I could do since you’ve given us more than 15 minutes of your time and hours of your clicks. For that, I say ‘Thank You’. 


I do have several questions to ask, however. Why do you hate black women so much? Where does this stem from? When did we become bitches and Whores Mr. Sotomo – I mean Harris?  I usually attribute this type of behavior to men who were abandoned by their mothers or weren’t hugged as a child. I would like to know if I was right. I mean, you DID get a black woman pregnant, am I right? But then again, your hate for her is probably why you refuse to support your child and have been arrested for lack of doing so. For a man who hates black women so much, you sure are being what the white man would consider a stereotypical negro.




We here at Baller Alert believe that children need fathers, Mr. Sotomayor. Although I don’t agree with what you do with your life, I will never use my platform to bash you. If you enjoy being a dead beat dad with a hair line that begins behind his ear lobes, so be it.  God has blessed you! Glory be to Jesus that the Youtube isn’t working in conjunction with the Georgia Attorney General to garnish your checks and send them to that poor child. 


Speaking of Georgia and Attorney’s Mr. Sotomayor, I pray that God has blessed you with getting your anger under control. That battery incident in July 2007 that sent you to Fulton County Jail was unfortunate wasn’t it? Almost as unfortunate as the mug shot that accompanied it.



Sweet Baby Jesus, I hope your anger is under control so we don’t have to deal with any more violations of protective orders and battery charges out of you. Did you beat up a black woman here too? We saw that tattoo of a sword on your arm. Whoa there Killer!



I understand that you don’t approve of Baller Alert or Billionaires/Millionaires dating black women. Why would you? How could you approve of men with money when you owe over $30,000 in back support to your own flesh and blood. Could you even pick your child out of a line-up, Mr. Sotomayor?  Let’s not mention the liens and the tax fraud. That is a blog for another day.


How could you approve of uplifting black women when you have a complex against dark skinned women and think we’re all whores. I won’t say you “hate” all black women because weren’t you having sex with porn star Caramel Kitten aka Ms. “Twerking By The Mailbox”? 





So let me get this right, you don’t hate black women, you hate RESPECTABLE black women. You just hate black women who don’t twerk in Walmart for youtube hits, masturbate for XVideos, or fill their butts with rubber cement. You’d rather call us whores on Youtube and preach that black men shouldn’t date us, yet you share your bed with an Ebony Sista In Twerk. Mr. Sotomayor, I won’t judge you but you are 37 years old and living in Atlanta, GA — you are too old for these shenanigans, kind sir. 


I realize that it is not only hard for you to accept that black women are desired, but it is hard to accept that we are desired by wealthy black men. I also realized long ago that you are a troll. You have been trolling the internet with your fake hate for black women, you have been trolling the internet with your fake Cuban last name, and you have been trolling the internet with your numerous arrests for violent offenses. You are a fake and that’s why I can’t even give you the satisfaction of being angry at your video. The only thing real about you was posted in this blog.  You don’t hate black women sweetie. You hate that when you go to jail, you are still considered BLACK and your multiple arrests prove it. You hate that you can get online and spew so much ignorance, yet your last 3 girlfriends (before Ms. Twerk) have a darker skin tone than me. You hate that you have to hide your online life from your off line family and friends and that you have to live your life in conflict, trying to determine how you really feel. 


Well let me tell you something Mr. Sotomayor-Harris, we here at Baller Alert weren’t checking for you, you found us. Women here want the Ballerific life, not the life with a broke felon who doesn’t pay child support, has anger issues, trolls the internet with a fake radio show, violates restraining orders and dates porn stars. Especially not when his forehead “backs that ass up” more than his girlfriend does. I understand your need for acceptance by white people but never forget, you are still a nigger to them, honey.


Stay Blessed My Brother.



We Here At Baller Alert.


 PS – Consider this our last time addressing you Mr. Sotomayor. You see, we here at Baller Alert are busy doing REAL television and REAL radio interviews. We don’t have time to stoop to the level of peasants who produce Youtube videos using their iPhone cameras and fake radio set ups. Have a blessed day and be well.

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  1. I like tommy and he tells the truth,, it’s on tape it on the law books as charges and tommy is tired of it all like everyone else who has to live in the black community the guns, fights disrespect of elders, it’s shameful and must stop.

  2. Tommy speaks the truth and people dont like hearing the truth

  3. The fact that some of you even agree with this low down dirty negro is beyond disgusting. How can you respect someone who has absolutely no respect for women, hell black women at that. Not only does he not respect us, he feels the need to be abusive. I pray for his children for having such a shitty ass daddy and I pray for you pathetic ass wipes too!

    • I think it’s irresponsible to claim that he has “absolutely no respect for women” given that he claims women hold an equivalent responsibility as men for raising children to be decent people. Even someone who generally disrespects women may not have “absolutely no respect for women.” Perhaps only certain women? I’m sure we could find an example of a group of males which you feel that you have no respect for, but I don’t think that means you have absolutely no respect for males. You’re plainly hateful and it’s ironic that you chastise people with beliefs which may contradict yours.

    • The FACT YOU OVERLOOK Tommy Soto’s actual message( that low life black women are involved in supporting low life black men and further perpetuating the problem in the black community) shows that you are the problem!

      Stop equating shitty assed dysfunctional women as ” all black women” or that by talking about them it is somehow an ” attack on all black woman”, it is NOT.

      Tommy was one of only a handful whi got Google to take down negative photos of blacl mothers, he has lobbied for punishment of men who abuse women( admitting his own past) and has lobbied for punishment of so called ” black kween mommas ” who get away with abusing black children

      Uet websites like ” baller alert” push hypocritical materialism and whorishness as if its no big deal- ask yourself who is really the problem?

  4. It looks like the same self hating or just plain racist fan of him commented under four different names

  5. @the TS nut suckers – The Klan can retire their hoods. Negroes are doing the dirty work for them. I shake my head appalled every time I see lost, butt-hurt coons defending this self-hating bastard that made his wealth denigrating Black women. It’s fucking indefensible. If the black community really was a “community” this mentally ill bitch and his various sock puppet minions would have been shut down within months of launch. Black people are divided, scattered and weak. What happened????

    Malcolm, Martin, Fredrick, Rosa, Sojourner, Harriette – I’m sorry that you risked your lives in vein.

    • “butt-hurt coons”? You’ve in this single comment made racist slurs toward black people who defend a man who defends black males against what he considers twisted leftist perception, you’ve asserted that the black community is not “really” a community, and that the lives of such heroic people were risked “in [vain].” Nice job!

  6. He loves the sodomy of those White Jews. I bet he gets it every night…

  7. This ugly monkey hates black women so much but that’s why he was begging for my number in my Dm on ig. I have the messages still.

  8. damn why am i years late on this

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