Angela Rye Shuts Gina Loudon Down and Says, “Nobody Wants To Go Work For A Racist!”

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Wednesday night exploded on CNN when Angela Rye slammed Trump 2020 Advisory Council member Gina Loudon for downplaying the issue behind why The White House will not release its number of African-American staffers. Loudon defended the Trump Administration by stating, “You look back at our history, we have a pretty amazing history of overcoming slavery, of expanding civil rights, of women’s rights, and a lot of those things happened under American presidents who didn’t have any minorities at all on their White Houses.”

Loudon then goes on to say, “I looked over the list of people I know there, about one-third are a minority or women. Those are great strides. Could they be better? Absolutely. I know, I talked to some friends in the White House tonight and they said they would love more diversity in the White House.”

Sista Rye was not trying to hear any of that. When it was her turn to speak, Angela stated, “I think I got stuck at Gina saying that American presidents have done a great deal for people of color like ending slavery? Like, I think I’m stuck in 1865 now.” Angela had some very heavy and powerful words for Loudon, following her remarks, especially after she was repeatedly being interrupted during the panel. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


“You’re not going to keep talking over me. My black life matters and so does my voice. Listen to what I’m saying to you. What you said was deeply offensive. What I am telling you is you can’t say––at least you shouldn’t feel comfortable saying it in 2018 that this White House not having diversity can be akin to presidents who didn’t have any black people on their staff, but for slavery, freeing slaves. Like, that’s not okay in 2018. You’re not going to be able to successfully name one black person who works in the West Wing…” She then goes on to say, “…the reason why is it slim pickings. You know why? Because nobody wants to go work for a racist. There’s not a single senior black person in the White House…”



Then the debate went all the way left once Gina interjected, mentioning she has an adopted, minority son with a disability that “faces bigotry” and also attempts to divert the conversation to Governor Cuomo’s previous comments about America never being great. Angela’s reaction to that… “America has never been great. It is not great because people like you come on and lie for the president of the United States and then tout, bring out your son as an example? You should be completely ashamed of yourself.”



Angela definitely had time Wednesday night! Speak on it, sis!

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