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Antonio Brown Claims Someone Stole His Gun And $80,000 From His Apartment

New reports show NFL player Antonio Brown was robbed of a gun and $80,000 in cash before he threw furniture from a 14-story-high balcony.

Police say the incident started when Brown came home in Florida from an 11-day trip. When he walked into his Miami apartment he noticed $80,000 was missing from a tote bag he had in his closet. In the police report that he filed on April 23, he also mentioned that his 9mm was also taken. Surveillance footage showed a cleaning crew came into Brown’s home on April 13, according to TMZ. The cleaning lady said she was hired by a person who claimed they were Brown’s representative.

The woman she said did not take the money or the gun and mentioned that there may have been other people in Brown’s home prior to Brown leaving for his trip. This all led to Brown’s angry explosion the next day where he threw furniture pieces, including vases, over his balcony. Brown called police again on April 25, claiming someone stole his Black Rolls Royce but when police arrived he told officials he found it and closed the door in their faces.

He is now being sued by a man who says his outburst almost got his 22-month-old hit by the items he threw. The apartment complex is working to the have the wide receiver removed from the building.

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