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Architect of Post 9/11 Muslim Registry, a Top Member Donald Trump’s Transition Team


From 2002 to 2011, after the second attack on the World Trade Center, the federal government implemented a database of immigrants from Muslim-majority countries. Otherwise known as the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System, or NSEERS.

According to reports, under said system, certain immigrants in this country had to visit immigration offices for interviews, pictures, and fingerprinting. They were also forced to check in again at certain times. However, it was all selective. Sources say, the special system only applied to people who were from the countries that were listed, by the Bush administration, as “havens for terrorist.” Other qualifications include people who were on non-immigrant visas, including tourism and work visas, Vox reports. If you were a woman, you were in clear, since the registration only applied to men over the age of 16.

The system was put together and led by the then George W. Bush Justice Department staffer, Kris Kobach, who is now Kansas Secretary of State and a top member of Donald Trump’s transition team.

With Kobach’s experience with the Bush administration and national security, he plans to bring back the infamous database. Now, as the president-elect, Donald Trump has sifted through several ideas or methods to avoid potential terror attacks or threats. However, in a recent interview with Reuters, Kobach believes all of Trump’s terrorist troubles can be eliminated with the reinstatement of the post-9/11 database.

Kobach has even come up with ways to fulfill Trump’s many promises, in particular the wall along the country’s border, NBC News reports. Apparently, he believes forcing the Mexican government to write a blank check could potentially get the massive wall up in no time.

Kobach’s discriminatory system was ultimately shut down in 2011 by President Obama, reports state. But, the policy could easily be reinstated if Trump were to simply choose the countries that needed extra evaluation, whether they are Muslin-majority or not.

According to reports, the system has proven to be costly and unreliable. Apparently, over 80,000 men were registered, thousands were interrogated and even detained. Sources say, none were ever prosecuted, just deported. Which, in turn, destroyed several families.

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