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Are K. Michelle & J.R Smith Together? He Says Hell No!

Photos of K. Michelle and J.R. Smith tongue wrestling in a New York nightclub popped up on the internet lately and the world instantly thought J.R and K Michelle were back on the up and up. Tweets from the two insinuating a night cap didn’t help the rumors.

Well, it was all good just a week ago because apparently after a fan brought up the fact that K.Michelle was finally getting the cobwebs dusted, J.R took offense and voiced his frustration Β showing that he isn’t trying to be associated with K.Michelle in anyway.

Damn boy, who hurt you? K. Michelle must have really done something to get under his skin because he is NOT happy. In true Kray Michelle fashion she tried to make light of the situation and save face.Β 

K. Michelle better chill or he’ll call his sister on her, you know J.R’s sister don’t play! She already beat up half of China on his behalf, ain’t nothing to whoop a Memphis chick!

Thanks toΒ RWS for the Tweet Shots. K Michelle blocked me so I missed this πŸ™

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