Are you a Man Hater????

By definition a Man Hater is a woman who thinks all men are scum without reason, and hates a man just because he is of the male gender.

I have many friends that I think fall into this category. They believe that ALL men are trifling dirty dogs. What many of them don’t realize is how bitter they come off. Some of them have been hurt deeply by men and have held on to that anger, and others latch on to the anger of what men have done to their mothers, sisters, & friends. What many of my man hating sisters haven’t done is evaluated the part that they may have played by the choices that they made.

Yes I have been deeply hurt my a man in the past – in fact more than once. Yes some of the men I have dated have let me down, hurt and disappointed me Yes I have days where I feel I have lost faith in the notion of love.
But that has not made me hate men, not even the ones who have broken my heart. It has not made me believe all men are bad or that all men are out to hurt me. It has made me realize that I have chosen men who are not good for me and that is neither ones fault – it is simple life. So in a way going through the bad dates, the heartaches, the disappointments and the tears was a good thing. Each man who has come into my life has taught me something about myself and given me some wonderful memories(some bad ones too) and some invaluable lessons. I wouldn’t change that for anything.I now make smarter choices. I set realistic expectations. I allow myself and him room to fail and try again. I also get out when I see the signs its not working.

“We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to
see an imperfect person perfectly.”– Sam Keen

Are you a man hater? Do you know any?

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