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Armless Florida Man Arrested and Charged For Stabbing Chicago Tourist

On Tuesday, an armless street artist was arrested for allegedly stabbing a tourist in Miami. 

According to Reuters, 46-year-old Florida resident Jonathan Crenshaw, was arrested and charged for stabbing a 22-year-old man with scissors, using his feet. 

In the incident, Crenshaw told officials that the victim, Cesar Coronado, attacked him while he was laying down. He said Coronado approached him and punched him, which prompted him to react in self-defense. 

However, a female friend of the Chicago-bred victim said the armless man was the aggressor in the incident. 



According to Coronado’s friend, the victim approached Crenshaw to ask for directions, and was attacked in return. Crenshaw then made a run for it.



Coronado was taken to a local hospital to be treated for a laceration on his arm. As for Crenshaw, who is known around the city for painting with his feet, he has been charged with one count of aggravated battery, a second-degree felony.

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