ASAP Bari Pleads Guilty To Sexual Assault

ASAP Bari appeared in a London court for a 2017 sexual assault case, in which he slapped a woman on her behind and demanded oral sex from her in a video that circulated the Internet. During the court appearance, Bari pleaded guilty to one count of sexual assault to avoid time behind bars.

In the 2017 video, Bari is heard saying, “You f*cked my assistant. Now, you’re going to suck my d*ck,” to the woman, who was naked in bed, as he slapped her butt. The woman in the video yells, “Stop it, Bari, honestly stop.”

According to Rolling Stone, the fashion designer and ASAP Mob member agreed to pay a $5000 fine, pay the woman $3500 and is being subjected to a restraining order, prohibiting him from making any contact with the victim, who he actually filed a lawsuit against for defamation and civil extortion in August 2018.

Bari previously denied the allegations, and at the time, his attorney said the accuser brought the sexual assault charges against the rapper for the sake of money. But, in an attempt to avoid jail time, Bari has pleaded guilty.

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