Assault Charges Against The Dream Dropped

It looks like producer/songwriter The Dream has been cleared of allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend/baby mama Lydia Nam.

In 2013, Lydia “Seung” Nam accused The Dream of punching, kicking and strangling her while she was pregnant with their child. It was the second time The Dream had been arrested for allegedly assaulting Nam. When the news broke, The Dream took to social media to maintain his innocence, labeling Lydia Nam a con artist (which could be true considering he didn’t even know her real name when he got it tatted  on him). According to The Dream, she made the entire thing up in an attempt to dodge immigration and extend her Visa (she’s from Toronto). 

Well, it appears The Dream may have been right. This week the charges against him were thrown out due to lack of evidence. Time to hightail it back to Canada, Miss thing!

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