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New Series Following the Life of Wiz Khalifa Set to Debut on Apple Music

Wiz Khalifa Documentary

– blogged by @whoisthatpublicist On Wednesday, Wiz Khalifa announced that he will be releasing a biographical docuseries entitled, “Behind the Cam,” next week on the Apple Music streaming platform. “Behind the Cam,” closely follows the rapper’s rise to fame and will feature intimate interviews from his family and friends, as …

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Kim Kardashian-West Talks Kanye’s Mental Health and How His MAGA Hat Became a Problem in Their Relationship: “It Gave Me Anxiety”

Kanye West and Kim K

– blogged by @whoisthatpublicist In a recent interview with Vogue, Kim Kardashian opens up about Kanye’s current mental health and how the attention of her husband’s latest fashion accessory became an issue in their marriage.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Last summer, it was revealed that Kanye had been battling with bipolar disorder. Although it …

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Is There A Such Thing As Privacy In A Relationship?

– blogged by: @uniquely_humble – Privacy is something that should be understood in any relationship, but should that privilege be revoked if you have violated your significant other’s trust? Some may disagree as long as secrecy and privacy aren’t confused. How would you feel if your spouse (or significant other) …

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MLB All Star Adam Jones Speaks On Baseball Being A “White Man Sport” & The Public Torture Of Kaepernick -blogged by @Lexxthatsall

As Colin Kaepernick’s protest grows, a number professional, collegiate, and even highchool athletes are taking a stand. But while other sports are joining the fight, nearly 250 MLB games have been played and not one player has taken a knee–but why? According to Baltimore Orioles player Adam ones, its because …

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Motivational Speaker Kevin Derrick Gentry Appearing at Black Men’s Empowerment Conference in Atlanta, GA

MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER KEVIN DERRICK GENTRY TO SERVE AS GUEST SPEAKER FOR BLACK MEN’S EMPOWERMENT IN ATLANTA, GA When: Monday, Oct 3, 2016 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. Where: Atlanta, GA 30309 Who: Author and Motivational Speaker Kevin Gentry What: The Ex-Street Leader, motivational speaker Kevin Gentry, will be the featured speaker for a black men’s …

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