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Stephanie, who writes under the alias Eleven8, is the Editor at BallerAlert.com. Email: eleven8@balleralert.com

Black Men Don’t Date Dark Skin Black Women

  Now that I’ve got your attention, I’d like to dedicate this blog to my Black Women, specifically dark skin black women. If you choose to read beyond the title, I commend you. You’re smart. I like that. If you choose to stop at the title and get angry because …

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Mariah Carey Caught Tonguing Down Backup Dancer

Remember that backup dancer Mariah Carey told her ex-fiance not to worry about? Well, it appears he had every reason to be worried.   According to Us Weekly, Mariah was recently spotted kissing her backup dancer Bryan Tanaka in Maui. Tanaka is also the same backup dancer that Mariah’s fiance, James …

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You Can Live Forever If You Eat Right & Stay Single

In case you had any doubts in your mind, getting rid of the f*ckboys and f*ckgirls around you can prolong your life span.   Emma Morano, the oldest person alive, was born  November 29, 1899 and attributes her 117 years on earth to raw eggs, cookies and staying f*ckboy free.   …

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Did Keeping Up With The Kardashians Halt Production Again?

Production for ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ has been placed on a brief hold. You may recall, production was temporarily halted following Kim Kardashian’s robbery in Paris in October. After resuming shortly after the first mini hiatus, reports say things have come to a pause yet again.   Sources close …

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Kim Kardashian Plans To Devote Her Life To Helping Kanye

According to TMZ, despite still being an emotional wreck over her robbery in Paris, Kim Kardashian is devoting her life to doing everything she can to help her husband with his problems.   Following Kanye West’s meltdown last week, Kim K has made him her first priority. According to TMZ, Kim …

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Is Crystal Renay Still Throwing Shade At Monyetta Shaw?

Just when you think Crystal Renay and Monyetta Shaw have put all the drama behind them, it appears there’s still a little animosity lingering.   According to our friends over at Rhymes With Snitch, it all started last week when Monyetta posted a photo of some of her pals at an American …

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Beyonce & Jay Z Aren’t Too Big To Be Active Parents

Often, when it comes to celebrity parents, we tend to believe that the Nanny does most of the work. Whether it’s cooking, cleaning or homework, television and movies have lead us to believe that hands on parenting is not a huge priority for the upper class. However, when it comes …

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