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Ballerific Relationships: Is Closure Too Overrated?

-blogged by: @uniquely_humble Too many times we fall victim to wanting answers to questions that have left us puzzled after a relationship has ended. Breakups can happen abruptly, without warning or any explanation. Sometimes we have no say in the matter, and we must adapt quickly so that we can learn to move on …

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6 Tips for Surviving Depression During the Holidays

blogged by @uniquely_humble The holidays can bring different emotions to light for each of us. While we’ll see pictures posted of joyful times all over social media, magazines, and television, it’s not always a joyous season for everyone.   Yes, some people are looking forward to spending time with family, while …

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Can A Woman Cheat-Proof Her Relationship?

– blogged by: @uniquely_humble – Ladies, I’m sure we can all remember disagreeing with a man at one point or another during our relationship, and he sarcastically reminds us that “What one woman won’t do the next one will.”  While its meaning holds true, there’s also a flip side to …

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