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Autopsy Shows Stephon Clark Was Shot Six Times In His Back

#StephonClark the unarmed 22-year-old Black man that was murdered by police in his own background was shot six times in the back.

After Clark’s family requested an autopsy, they found that out of the eight times Clark was shot, six of them were from behind. The other bullets penetrated him in the neck and thigh. In total, police fired 20 shots at the father of two.
Dr. Bennett Omalu performed the autopsy on Tuesday and said, “anyone of the shots could have killed him,” Omalu said.
The autopsy also shows Clark wasn’t advancing towards officers. “The proposition that has been presented that he [Clark] was assailing the officers — meaning he was facing the officers — is inconsistent with the prevailing forensic evidence as documented at autopsy,” Omalu said.
Omalu’s preliminary findings were released on Friday during a press conference in Sacramento. The Clark family was pursuing a federal lawsuit and was expected to have filed on Friday but has yet to.

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