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Baller Alert Exclusive: Cameron Bay found out she was HIV positive via the news

 ***Updated 9/6/2013

After a few back and forth DMs, Cameron Bay finally reached out to me for an interview. Our phone call lasted well over an hour and there were some VERY interesting things that I learned. I will be doing a two part interview of Cameron Bay, it is BEYOND juicy. But as you read this, remember, there are 3 sides to every story.

Just how exactly did Cameron find out about her HIV status and what was her reaction?

I was just confirmed with acute HIV on the 29th of August. That was after 4 or 5 different blood tests and I still don’t even know the rest of the information I need to know, it takes time. I thought it was someone playing a joke on me, I got a phone call and it was the way it happened I thought it was a joke. I actually screamed WHAT??? Then I was told no, this is (real) and you have an issue with your blood work that was contaminated. We need to do further results, that was originally.

Let’s start from the beginning I tested on the 19th of August, I tested at CET and the next day I got a call and needed to retest. Something was wrong with the test, they came to my house and retested me again and on the 21st, that’s when everything happened. I didn’t realize that there was something was really wrong when the LA County Health Department contacted me and the next day was asking about my contacts and stuff like that. Never did she say anything about what I had, because I guess she couldn’t do that, I gave her my contacts and didn’t really hear much about it. I emailed TTS asking about my results, didn’t hear back til later on that afternoon after I heard from my agent. I pretty much found out my diagnosis just like everybody else did. I got a phone call and then I saw it on the news. The thing is that I came out with a statement within a hour after finding out I was possibly HIV positive it was an unconfirmed test and it was a hour later I was making a statement. Because my name was already leaked, my name was out earlier that day, like early in the morning and I didn’t even know.

MCV: Wait someone leaked your test results???

No, I don’t know, not necessarily. Well somebody found out about my test and they said something to somebody and that’s how it got started. I didn’t want to be branded as the chick who got AIDS and was HIV positive and because it was unconfirmed. I didn’t want to have people say that about me and it not be the truth. I wanted for myself to confirm everything, before people decided my fate. That’s why I originally came out. But when I came out, ok, it was the best thing that we can do, if it is (positive), we can focus on my first generation and second generation contacts and if it is, we can stop it and prevent it from infecting or being transmitted to anybody else. It was about making sure that friends, coworkers, other people in the industry was straight and didn’t have to end up with the fate that I did.

It wasn’t about trying to clearing my name, it was about listen this is what’s going on so please go get tested. It’s a very small business, even tho it’s a multi-billion dollar business. Technically everyone’s f****d everybody in the business and AIDS could spread like wildfire. It wasn’t about saving face, or being a saint, it was about literally doing what was right and not creating a pandemic of HIV.

Cameron on being sick or hospitalized before her HIV results.

I got injured on the Kink set on July 31st. I had to go to Arizona and see a doctor about the injury, so I went to Arizona. When I was leaving Burbank, I started feeling sick a little bit, I was really tired and had the chills a little bit. When I landed I had the flu, like full blown pretty much. I couldn’t do anything I was weak, my joints hurt, muscles hurt, I had a headache, I was nauseous, I had a fever, it was worse than having the swine flu symptoms, from what I’ve read. I had diarrhea and by the time I flew back on the 19th, it was pretty much gone, just a little bit of nausea, little headache and all I did was rest the next day and I was fine. I went to get tested and I told them I was sick when they took my blood. I told them I just got over the flu.

*commercial break*

Doesn’t this say June 12th? 103 fever? Almost Kidney failure? I wonder why she didn’t mention this. */end commercial break*

***Cameron DM’d me on 9/5 to say, “My kidney infection was after I shot a 5on 5 orgy I didn’t think it was relevant” Unfortunately, she hasn’t answered my question of WHEN this orgy occurred. 

Cameron speaking about if Rod gave her HIV or if it was someone else.

I tested on the 27th, I shot the last 3 days and my last shoot was with Kink and the last time I saw Rod was a week later. I was in California, he was in Arizona doing the family thing and I saw him two times that month in August up until the 21st. It wasn’t like we were f***ing nonstop, we literally didn’t see each other except for at Kink.

That’s why I kept quiet and I let everyone say what they wanted to say and the truth of the matter is we didn’t have time to see clients that don’t even exist. Yeah, I was an escort, I stopped there’s proof of it, it’s whatever everyone does, so why did it matter that I do it.

On Rod Daily/Joshua and his gay porn escapades, her knowledge of it and if Joshua considers himself gay.

Me and him have been together, on Superbowl Sunday, will be 2 years. We keep our private life, private. Rod Daily he’s a p0rnstar. Cameron Bay? I shoot porn. We kept it private because of stuff like this. Yes, I knew what he did. I watch and love his p0rn, honestly. I love the kid and I’m gonna support him no matter what.

No, He doesn’t (consider himself gay). I can’t really misspeak on the matter, I know that he’s not attractive to men. I don’t know what he is, I just knows he loves life. That’s all I can say about the matter, you’d have to talk to him about it. In my heart, he’s not gay. He’s very honest about what he does and technically it doesn’t matter, it’s a fantasy. If he was gay I don’t think he’d be with me for this long. I’m not a beard, I’m not getting paid or benefiting from this.

About Rod’s tweets being legit about him being HIV positive

He came out because that’s when he got his results from the doctor (*sidebar still not in the adult industry testing “rolodex”*) and he came out and said hey, yeah I’m HIV positive. The reason he did that, is he, I don’t know, honestly I think he just wanted to be a stand up person. Prior to coming out he had already spoken to the people he shot with and let them know and not having to do that publicly. All that matters is that he took the necessary steps took care of the responsibility and alerted people he needed to be alerted, When a p0rnstar like Rod Daily that has almost 30 thousand followers following him. The question I would be asking is was he hacked?

Cameron on how Kink.com is handling the situation.

I’m gonna say it because Kink’s pointing fingers right now and they shouldn’t be AT ALL! Anyone could have gotten it by stepping on a piece of glass, or cankers, there are many ways to CONTRACT IT.

Me and him (Rod) are both acute HIV cases, which a specialist, who’s dealt with nothing but HIV/AIDS for thirty years, says that it’s highly unusual and unlikely to happen. It was also backed up by another doctor that I’m talking with from California, it’s very unusual for it to happen. With that said it doesn’t matter of who gave it to who. It’s a matter of where the f**k? when the f**k? and how the f**k? We were only around each other literally this past month at one place and I’m not saying it’s Kink’s, I’m not saying that at all. It could have been somewhere in San Francisco, some crazy person, who knows. What I’m trying to say is let us get OUR information so we can let you guys know the information, so that way there is no pointing fingers. Just be patient and let the things happen as they happen because normally, the people who do come down with a serious disease, hide or pretend it didn’t happen.

(*coughs Hi Marrrrrcussss*)

**commercial break 9/6 update**

Hmmmm…very interesting how she said “stepping on a piece of glass” From Cameron’s tweets, she wrote that she jumped on a broken Corona bottle.

*/end commercial break*

I shot in the beginning of July that’s when I went and got tested. I had a clean bill of health until August 26th, my test was good, I had my Hep-C test from July, I just had to get my Hep-C so I could shoot again. There was a whole week, a WHOLE entire week of me being HIV positive and at my HIGHEST infectious stage that I could have been shooting with people because my test was GOOD.

Speechless, right? Fishy, right? Something, something, something, something just ain’t right, right? Jeebus. At the end of the day, Cameron Bay is HIV positive. Period. No one seems to know *HOW* she contracted it, it’s just pure speculation at this point. I wish her the absolute best and hope she fights the hell out of this disease.

Now, with that out of the way…How the HELL do you find out your test results on the phone and the news? Seriously? I can’t even begin to imagine what that poor girl felt like when she saw that. I’ve been reading reports on who leaked Cameron’s name, but I’m not letting that cat out of the bag, because again, pure speculation.

She’s cool with her boyfriend shooting gay scenes and that he’s not gay? Let me tell ya’ll something. Rod is NOT the top, mm’kay? He receives…IF you know what I mean. So, I am sorry, in MY opinion, ole boy is Liberace gay.

I couldn’t put all this interview into one whole blog because frankly, it was a lot to digest. I’m still woozy from listening to it again. The second half of the interview we talk about her reputation, medications, the next chapter, money, Rod AGAIN, how the industry treats her and other drool worthy goodies. 

*whispers* I want you to re-read those paragraphs in the interview about Kink again and tell me that there is *NOT* any contradiction in it. *files nails*

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*Correction was made. It was first reported Cameron tested with TTS first, she did not, it was CET*

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