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Baller Alert Exclusive: Kevin McCall Gets His Life Fixed By Iyanla

An all new season of OWN’s “Iyanla: Fix My Life” is coming to television screens on September 10th and this season will focus a lot on the myth of “angry black women” and other misconceptions that plague the African-American community. It is also being said that singer/songwriter Kevin McCall will be a familiar face joining Iyanla this season. 

Kevin McCall has quite a troubled history. First there were issues with the mothers of his daughters, one of which is actress and Top Model Eva Marcille. From accusations of abusive behavior to custodial rights, you name it, he’s gone through it. Then there was his very public social media feud with R&B superstar, Chris Brown. The two have engaged in several back and forth spats on Twitter and Instagram that thankfully, haven’t gone the physical route. Kevin has also been very public about all of his problems on social media, so it’s no doubt that he needed to have a sit down with Iyanla at some point.

Reportedly the episode has already been filmed, which could explain why Kevin has been quite calm and quiet as of late. Did Iyanla fix his life for good? I guess we’ll just have to see when the show airs. 

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