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Baller Alert Exclusive – Miami’s Tip Drill Says Ex-Friend Joseline Hernandez Shades Her Every Time She Sees Her: “The First Thing She Says To Me Is ‘You Look Like You Doing Bad, You Need To Do Better’”


Last week, Baller Alert correspondent Mr. Anthony Black sat down with Miami’s Tip Drill to talk about her recent success and appearance on the new installment of the “Love & Hip-Hop” franchise. Tip discussed her career as a stripper, falling from a 35-foot pole and how she managed to catapult her name to legendary status in the 305.

During the sit down, Tip spoke on her friendship, or lack thereof, with Joseline Hernandez. She revealed that the two were friends from way back, with a special bond that would allow Tip to escape to her house when things got tough at home.

The two were very close, from stealing together to getting locked up together; they were ultimately two peas in a pod. However, when the two got split up, with Tip going to a juvenile prison and a 16-year-old Joseline linking up with a pimp who introduced her to the strip club, their relationship became a little rocky.

“When I got out, as I got into the strip club game, we ended up crossing paths. So, now she’s called Shenellica. I didn’t really know her as Shenellica, I knew her as Joseline,” she said. “She had her name and I was coming up. She was hanging out with all the older girls that had a name, Platinum Queen, Pinky, all the girls that had a name, and she was younger then them but she was in the poppin’ group.”

Tip revealed that when she came around to work the pole, there was always a little underlying tensions about who was making the most money between her and them.

“Now, I seen her. She starts doing the show or whatever, and I see her at King of Diamonds and I got to say hi – like this my friend, I know you, I know you from the strip club, I haven’t seen her in years and we grew up together. So I go to say hi, I’m like, ‘Hey, What’s up.” The first thing she says to me is, ‘You still dancing?’” Tip said, as she laughed.

“So, that was like – to me – like okay, you would still be dancing if you didn’t go up here messing with Stevie J and who ever his, I forgot his girlfriend’s name, but you wasn’t their little girlfriend or whatever. You would be right here with me, but even still as a woman you supposed to say ‘Hey girl, we friends.”

As the interview continued, Tip discussed another run in with Joseline, when the reality star was hosting at G5. Although Tip works at G5, she was supposed to be heading out to LIV that night. But, instead she headed to G5 to show some love to Joseline.

“Nobody knew she was there, the DJ is not shouting her out or anything. I guess she goes and tells them to play her song, she gets 2,000 ones and she goes on stage and she throws it, okay cool,” she said, adding that she was in her own section with a few men that had a pretty penny. “So, she comes by our section and she’s calling me, but I’m like ‘I’m not sure if I want to go over here,’ so I’m kinda like ignoring her a little bit. So the DJ is like, ‘Tip, Joseline wants you.’ She’s standing right outside our section, typical Joseline fashion, the first thing she says to me is ‘You look like you doing bad, you need to do better.’ That is the first thing she says to me.”

Although everyone said they would have put hands on Joseline for that comment, Tip says she had security, if the two fought her security would have roughed her up.

As the interview came to an end, Tip addressed Joseline, saying, “What is the problem, I don’t understand what’s going on like. We grew up together. I don’t understand, we cool. I show nothing but love to her, I don’t understand where all this shade every time. I don’t get it.

Check out the full interview below:

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  2. She reminds me of the lady who played on Boomerang with Eddie Murphy. Strang’e !!!! They should do a remake she won’t even have to act it her nasty fake ass. But to be for real I feel sorry for the child growing up with a mother like that because she might not have any friends she was taught to be fake and phony and hoe around so pore baby

  3. I don’t know why she’s hating on her…but I’ll just say that everyone you THINK is your friend isn’t. She’s shown you three times…don’t let her do it again.

  4. Joseline isn’t hard to read. When she got out of that game she more than likely expected other girls to find a way out. Y’all were childhood friends but as adults Joseline kind of has a valid point. After you’ve been dancing for a while, if you haven’t shown any time off initiative to find another way to make money, the lifestyle does start to wear and tear on you. If you hear the words “you need to do better” and people tell you that you should’ve been ready to fight? THEY don’t have your best interest at heart. I bet money if she stopped dancing and found another way to make bank her and Joseline would be golden, but as of now, you are a reminder of a life that she doesn’t want to remember because those memories are painful for her. If anybody remembers season one, when Joseline broke down and told Stevie “you could never send me back to the strip club cause I’m not going back” those years came from a place of pain. Don’t think she’s acting that way towards her old dancer friends for nothing. You’re still there, she’s not. She doesn’t want to relive those memories.

  5. Bye dt buy that i dt care stay humble never forget where u come from even when u make it out never treat people bad or beneath U hell they come from the same atmosphere how dare Joseline act like that u dt have to bring others down to make urself feel better important or whateva if you do its Your self esteem that needs work straight Up……..

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