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Baller Alert Exclusive – What Happened In Fight Between August Alsina & St. Louis Promoter @loosecannonslim

There was a bit of an altercation backstage last night, following August Alsina’s performance at the State Of Emergency 2 concert in St. Louis. The drama was between August Alsina and the promoters. Many people speculated that the promoters attempted to jump August, or that he did get jumped, but Baller Alert has the exclusive story of what exactly went down. 

August gave an epic performance but it was what happened afterwords that has the internet talking.  According to our sources, things started off on a bad note when August, who was set to perform AFTER Migos, had to perform before the group because they missed their flight. August ordered a band for his live show at the last minute and it supposedly made more sense for him to go on first. August, who now would have had to go on at 7:30pm with his band, allegedly ends up stalling the show for two hours, which sets the entire show off track. The Migos eventually show up to perform, but August isn’t happy at this point. He exchanges words with the promoter Loose Cannon Slim, saying that he played him by trying to make him go before Migos. August’s security is also involved in the back and forth at this point. Onlookers say it looked as if they were going to jump Slim. August is still exchanging words, and it’s then that Slim swings on him.

The last thing captured on video is August’s security breaking up the situation after August got swung on. That’s when the video cuts off. What we don’t see is that things do calm down briefly, the crowd starts to disperse but for some reason Slim swings and hits security. that’s when they all jumped him and basically all hell breaks loose. 

Our sources then say police got involved and eventually the show continued as planned (with the exception of Fabolous). Sources also say that Slim had goons waiting outside for August, who did not leave the premises until a police escort was present. There is also said to be video footage present of the promoter, Loose Cannon Slim being jumped, as well as alleged footage of guns being drawn.

If you missed the confrontation, view the video clip HERE

We’ll keep you updated on this story as more details become available. 

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