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Baller Alert Radio: The Culture Deserves It – Episode 11 Recap

In episode 11 of Baller Alert Radio featuring your lifestyle specialist, Kenny Burns, with Su Solo and Ferrari Simmons, the hosts celebrated Halloween, better known as Ballerween.

To kick things of, your lifestyle specialist Kenny Burns recapped the hottest topics and current events from the previous week in “In Case You Missed It,” from the first charges filed in the special counsel investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election to Remy Ma’s multi-million dollar deal with Columbia Records and Cardi B’s engagement to Offset. The hosts then discussed Bob McNair’s “inmate” comment, telling the Houston Texans to decline McNair’s apology because in the words of Su Solo, it “was fake AF.”

As the episode continued, Ferrari read this week’s Baller Mail, asking the question, “What does a side piece offer that a main doesn’t?” Although Burns is not well versed in the topic, he said a side chick may provide something foreign, fresh and new. The side chick becomes someone that the man can escape reality with, in addition to STDs, per Su Solo. But of course, there are also side dudes out there.

Next, Su Solo discussed this week’s comment creepin, where Lil Yachty called out Joe Budden for cosigning a statement about those who don’t like to see people happy. The two had a conversation a few months ago where Budden went off on Yachty about him being happy, saying it’s impossible that he is satisfied with his life. The interview went viral.

As the episode wrapped, Kenfucious provided a few words of wisdom, check out the full link below:

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