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Baller Alert Radio: “The Culture Deserves It” – Episode 15 Recap 

Baller Alert Radio: “The Culture Deserves It,” featuring your lifestyle specialist Kenny Burns, with Ferrari Simmons and Su Solo, kicked off its 15th episode with a recap of the hottest topics and current events from the previous week.

In case you missed it, the hosts kicked off the show with a discussion about Mariah Carey’s new deal with Roc Nation, as well as her forthcoming tour. Although Carey has postponed the tour under doctor’s orders, Burns believes it’s a good thing that our legends and big names in music are still performing and putting on a show for their fans. As the hosts continued, they discussed #DonaldDump’s latest Twitter attack. This time, the celebrity-in-chief fired off at Time Magazine, saying he refused the cover for whatever reason. However, the magazine clapped back, calling Trump out on his lies. Next, the hosts divulged Jeff Bezos’ recent success. Amid Amazon’s Black Friday stock surge, the company’s CEO and founder surpassed the $100 billion threshold, becoming the richest man in the world. As a result, the BAR hosts challenged Mr. Jeff Bezos to do something good with the money. How do you think Bezos should use his money to help the greater good?

In other news, the hosts touched on Big Sean’s ex, Naya Rivera. The “Glee” actress was recently arrested for putting the paws on her husband. In turn, Big Sean responded to Rivera’s battery charges, saying, “I told y’all niggas,” referring to his hit song, “IDFWU.” The hosts then discussed the beef between Mase and Cam’ron. Mase fired off with a brutal diss record, titled “The Oracle,” prompting Cam to respond with a lukewarm record responding to Mase’s allegations. However, many have already dubbed Mase the winner of this portion of the 20-year-long beef.

As the episode continued, the hosts recapped the Soul Train awards, giving kudos to Luke James for his incredible rendition of “Unbreak My Heart,” in a tribute to Ms. Toni Braxton.

Next, Ferrari kicked off this week’s Baller Mail about being unapologetically single. While Su Solo and Ferrari agreed that it is good to be single sometimes, Burns believes that’s some “bullsh*t.” Although you get to learn about who you are and get in touch with yourself and your own emotions, Burns believes there is nothing like having a partner that completes the circle. “Don’t lie to yourself!” However, when getting into relationships, one must manage their expectations, stop settling, and work through issues, especially for those who are older.

This week’s comment creepin with Su Solo focused on Nicki Minaj’s epiphany about “Motorsport,” where Takeoff explained that he would touch on Nicki if he had the chance. In turn, she said she would have told him to pull the verse if she had realized it before. Su Solo then discussed a Cardi comment creepin, where she addressed the video of her security pulling on her skirt. The hosts also discussed Kevin McCall’s comment to his baby mother, Eva Marcille’s new man after she posted a photo of him with their daughter.

Finally, the episode ended with some wise words from Kenfucious and his wife, saying, “Your alignment belongs to you, release the need for validation.”

Check out the full episode below:

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