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Baller Alert Radio: The Culture Deserves It – Episode 2 Recap

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In the second episode of Baller Alert Radio: The Culture Deserves It, your lifestyle specialist, Kenny Burns with Su Solo and Ferrari Simmons celebrated the success for the new and improved podcast.

The hosts dished on Jay-Z’s interview with Rap Radar, where the rapper got as personal as he did on his new album, 4:44. Although, Jay discussed a slew of important topics, including the messages behind the album, he also touched on his relationship with Kanye West.

The two have been known to have a brotherly relationship, but since West’s most recent onstage rant, Jay distanced himself from the Chicago rapper, saying he was not okay with West mentioning his wife and daughter. Although he feels the two will talk about the situation eventually, he revealed that he is very disappointed in West’s actions.

Burns then directed his attention to the “crafty niggas” and culture vultures of the world. Your lifestyle specialist called out those who constantly steal from the culture, and the crafty niggas that act like they are for the culture but turn around and live for the “majority.” Who are some crafty niggas and culture vultures in the industry?

Afterwards, the hosts went into Baller Mail and Comment Creepin.

Ferrari Simmons opened the discussion about situationships. Since many men are not taught to be affectionate with a woman, it is hard for them to understand how to be in a successful relationship. Although some are able to learn from trial and error, there are few that are not willing to go the extra mile. Burns chimed in with a word, saying that it is important to be selfish and selfless in a relationship, in addition to remaining open and honest with your significant other.

Next, Su Solo questioned Kim Kardashian’s apology for defending the racist make up artist, Jeffree Starr. She mentioned that she believed he had grown out of the racist days and told her fans to get over his actions of the past. After widespread backlash, Kim apologized for her actions, saying she didn’t have enough information to even comment. But, many were not amused by her apology as she continues to show no regard for the fact that she has a black husband and two mixed children.

Do you accept Kim Kardashian’s apology?


Where are you partying this weekend?

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