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Baller Alert Radio: The Culture Deserves It – Episode 5 Recap

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After a weeklong hiatus, the Baller Alert radio hosts returned to discuss the recent events that took place over the last two weeks. To start, your lifestyle specialist Kenny Burns, with Su Solo and Ferrari Simmons revisited the 2017 Emmy Awards, where black excellence prevailed throughout the night. Both Donald Glover, better known as Childish Gambino, and Lena Waithe became the first African American winners in their categories.


As the episode continued, the hosts discussed the new relationship between Nas and Nicki Minaj. Although, the Queens raptress is fresh out of a relationship with her ex – the host acknowledged the fact that she is still new to the dating scene after spending a good portion of her life with Safaree Samuels.


Next, Kenny addressed the latest “What The [email protected]” moment in the entertainment industry – Yung Joc in a dress. While it remains unclear why the rapper was wearing a dress, Ferrari says it may have been for a television show, where he lost a bet and had to rock a dress for a few hours. But, the information has yet to be confirmed.

The host then discussed the recently settled child support drama between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. The two have agreed on a $20,000 child support settlement, where Rob coughs up the cash and receives a little more than 50% custody.


As the hosts kicked off the BallerMail segment, Ferrari and Su Solo provided their opinion on why women cheat. Do women cheat for an emotional fulfillment, for excitement, for revenge, for something new or because the sex just isn’t cutting it. What do you think?


Finally, the hosts discussed the hottest topic of the week – Kevin Hart’s cheating scandal in this weeks Comment Creepin’ segment. While the Su Solo appreciated the apology video Hart put out to the world ahead of the sexually suggestive extortion video, she felt that the world didn’t need it. Although no one knows how it feels to be a celebrity of that caliber, the hosts made it clear that Hart was in thewrong. But, he admitted that. At the end of the day, the extortionist went out of her way to ruin Hart’s life, and for what?

In turn, Kenfucius spoke, giving listeners one final thought to end the episode.

“Kenfucius says, BITCH, please!” he said. “Ya’ll can’t expect to win by tearing somebody else down. Yall can’t expect to be out here in the shit, with the bullshit and expect to not live as bullshit. Because at the end of the day you knew exactly what it was.”

“So, BITCH PLEASE! I’m tired of you hoes. I’m tired of ya’ll plotting and planning on people who mean something to the culture. It’s a lot of rotten mother*cers, who deserve your conniving stank ass. BITCH PLEASE! I’m tired. I’m tired of you targeting our superheroes trying to tear them down and break them down to ashes. Mother f*cker! I’m tired.”

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