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Baller Alert Radio: The Culture Deserves It – Episode 6 Recap

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In episode six of Baller Alert Radio: The Culture Deserves It, your lifestyle specialist Kenny Burns along with Su Solo and Ferarri Simmons, discussed racism-one of the most important topics among the black community especially in the wake of Donald Trump’s divisive comments and attacks on our African American athletes.

The hosts sifted through this week’s hottest topics, from Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy with Travis Scott, the details of Karreuche’s dating life (or lack thereof), Dame Dash’s alleged auction on eBay to Jay-Z’s thoughts on the celebrity-in-chief #DonaldDump.

For a change of pace, the hosts discussed the recent merger between sports and politics, after Trump launched an attack on NFL players who kneel during the anthem in protest of racial injustices, police brutality and inequality. During a rally in Alabama, Donald Dump challenged team owners to fire the “sons of bitches” who kneel during the anthem. However, his statement was met with widespread backlash and resistance, prompting players and owners to take a stand against him.

But, like many others, your lifestyle specialist Kenny Burns believes if the NFL players had refused to play, that would have made all the difference. If black billionaires and wealthy people of color banned together to support the NFL players when they want to fight for what they believe in, there would be much less hesitation.

Ferrari Simmons then heightened the tone with the BallerMail segment to something more serious: racism in your home. Simmons told a story about how he explained the #TakeAKnee movement to his nine-year-old daughter. Although she is still young, he was able to explain that there were some injustices and disconnect between the law enforcement and African American people.

Su Solo took over the episode with her Comment Creepin segment, where she discussed Irv Gotti’s rant about Trump and the NFL. The hosts discussed the resistance shown by NFL team owners and head coaches, including Trump’s own friend Robert Kraft. Burns said more has to be done to combat Trump’s nonsense, as our grandparents were willing to literally die for change.

To wrap things up, Kenfucious left listeners on a positive note about your mind and energy, “your network is your net worth,” he said. “It’s about jumping out there, it’s about saying it repeatedly. Every time a negative thought comes into my head. I correct it, immediately.”

“Negativity is a cancer,” he continued. ”But when it comes, you got to get rid of that shit immediately,” he added. “Know that what you think, you become!”

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