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Baller Alert Radio: “The Culture Deserves It” – Episode 7 Recap

Baller Alert Radio: “The Culture Deserves It” kicked off its seventh episode with a recap of this week’s hottest topics and current events. From Dennis Graham’s Drake tattoo and Kevin Hart’s baby shower to Jennifer Lopez’s $1 million donation and Fat Joe’s collaboration with TIDAL and Jay-Z to aide relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

As the episode continued, your lifestyle specialist, Kenny Burns discussed the ignorance of #DonaldDump. Amid the humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, Trump launched an attack on San Juan’s Mayor, who criticized the government for their response or lack thereof. He attacked the people of Puerto Rico and their financial situation in the wake of the catastrophic hurricane. But still, even after all of that, people still support him. Why? Where do you draw the line?

Ferrari Simmons then took over the show with his Baller Mail segment, where he discussed why bae isn’t posting you on social media. Although the hosts had a difference of opinions, Simmons said he believed social media should be discussed right out the gate. However, Burns said some things should be kept private, as some people are very very messy. On the other hand, Su Solo chose to refrain from posting her significant other because other women would want him to do what he does for her to them. But, how important is social media to your relationship?

Su Solo then sifted through Comment Creepins from JR Smith to Rick Ross, but the most popular was a comment from Mrs. Kim Kardashian West to Donald Dump.

For the final segment, Burns reflected on the mass shooting that occurred in Las Vegas earlier this week, coming at a time “where America is more divisive then ever.” Burns discussed the fact that the terrorist didn’t target race, but opened the discussion about mental health issues in America and gun control. What makes a person do that? A trigger connected to his mental health?

Kenfucious ended the segment with an important note about awareness and unity.

“We all we got! If the Vegas tragedy doesn’t further prove that we need each other, we need to look out for each other, I don’t know what else does.”




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