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Baller Alert Radio: “The Culture Deserves It” – Episode 8 Recap

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Baller Alert Radio: “The Culture Deserves It,” with your lifestyle specialist Kenny Burns, Su Solo, and Ferrari Simmons kicked off the 8th episode with “In Case You Missed It,” a segment to recap the hottest topics and current events for the past week.

Burns jumped right in to the social media frenzy over the Dove Soap ad. Initially, a photo went viral showing a black woman taking off her shirt and becoming a white woman. After Dove removed the ad and apologized for offending anyone, the full ad surfaced, showing a black woman changing to a white woman and then back into another person of color. According to Burns, social media embellishes too often, and we do a disservice to ourselves when we don’t fact check, because clearly the ad was taken out of context. What are your thoughts on the ad?

The hosts discussed the boycott and backlash of Houston’s in Atlanta. Several celebrities came together to march outside of the establishment to protest the racial profiling of the restaurant, as many have experienced it at that particular restaurant. They then touched on the young girl who threw a drink on two men at a Lakers game because they were not standing for the national anthem. It’s safe to say those women knew who to mess with that day.

Next, Burns spoke on Nelly’s rape allegations, wondering how reports can surface off of allegations alone. What happens to women who are caught lying about rape allegations? The hosts then discussed the Cam Newton backlash over his comments to Jourdann Rodrigue. Do you think his comments were degrading and disrespectful?

As the episode continued, Su Solo jumped into this week’s Baller Mail question: “Why do black women get praised for dating men outside of their race but black men get bashed?” Su Solo believes it is because of the forbidden fruit ideology, while Burns believes if a man doesn’t want you, he doesn’t want you. Can’t blame anyone for his or her preference. However, a few Baller Alert readers say it’s because black men date outside of their race and shame black women for the things they can’t do. When they date white women, they say black women are this – or that – and the sole reason why they date elsewhere. What do you think?

This week’s comment creepin’ focused on Young Thug and Jerrika’s breakup, and his threat to her after she said she was back on the market. While some women are attracted to the rough lifestyle, Burns believes that there are some good dudes out there that want to do right, meaning women don’t have to deal with these type of men.

As the episode wrapped, Kenfucious dropped some jewels about so-called friends. Check it out below:

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