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Baller Alert Radio – Episode 19 – Scrappy & Bambi Talk Reality TV, Nasty Social Media Comments, Momma Dee, Their Engagement & More

Baller Alert Radio checked in with Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Scrappy and Bambi to discuss their recent engagement and how reality television, social media and the influence of outsiders played a major part in their relationship.

Bambi on Her Time on Love And Hip Hop vs. Basketball Wives LA

“There’s a huge difference. On Basketball Wives it wasn’t about a relationship. It was just girl cattiness, which is easy to deal with, opposed to having to deal with real life relationships. That’s totally different and it’s very annoying. Unfortunately, people outside of our relationship do stuff FOR TV and it affects us in real life.”

Scrappy and Bambi Talk Rude Social Media Comments 

Bambi: “I’ve gotten death threats. People are really crazy on social media. They get really emotionally involved like it’s their own lives”

Scrappy: “It’s petty to me. Like, a person will take their time to write a person that they don’t know, that doesn’t know them, and may not even see it or even care about it, write a whole essay. I mean really, get your life together. You’re on here focused on mine and I bet you’re not doing nothing with yours.”

Lil Scrappy also talks the infamous Coogi Shirt pic from last year, where he was caught wearing the same shirt on two different days. 

“I went to the PURE store and they were having a Coogi/Biggie thing. They wanted me to take a picture in it so they let me try it on and I took the picture. After that I took it off. So then I have a party, and I want to wear the shirt, because I didn’t get to wear it at first. So then I wear it, and I’m taking pictures with people and they’re like ‘Oh, he still wearing the same shirt.’ It’s petty. It’s like they have no mind unless the mind is used for negativity.”

Scrappy and Bambi Talk about Bambi’s Bike

Bambi: “It’s really funny to me. It really happened, but they think because I rode a bike, I don’t have a car. People ride bikes!”

Scrappy: “She stays right around the corner from me.”

Bambi: “I will definitely hop on my bike and ride around the corner to his house. I’m from California, that’s what we do.”

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